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 Feb 2019 Ramana Tandra
I am the lantern
The good old lantern
But so much is damaged
Dumped in heaps of abandoned...

Do you remember me, the lantern
The good old lantern
Gave you a good inspiration
Of light in darkness
The dark foot path we traveled
As a helper...
But that long ago
seems like yesterday
in the most vulnerable
part of the mind
at the depth
of the most sensitive heart-
the past
is more than
the sum-total
of the present
it tears all else apart--

search if you must
dig into the hidden wells
of the long-distant past
murky under-currents
still spill into the now
in rage they often gush-

I was not careless
I never stepped
on the wrong side
of love but trapped
by her beauty capricious
how I struggled and tried
despite the pain to persuade
all my tears dropped into dust-

that long ago
now unmasked
even at my wintry years
I couldn't let go
in self-pitying tears.
If you give me "no"
I’ll only turn it around.
Arrange it backwards.  
Put it upside down.
Turn it on its head.
And then it won't be "no",
it'll be "on"
death has come to greet me,
tell my loved ones i am going,
ask them for the last time,
to come and meet me,

tell her not to haste,
ask her to wait,
for i have a mother,
who standing at the door awaits,

my brother must be,
watching my way,
we haven't talked
for several days,

in its impulsiveness ,
it will not hear,
my father crying,
he is standing near,

death has come to greet me,
i want her not to hurry,
but it will not listen to me,
so let me embrace her happily,
for after such a long time,
death has come to greet me....
 Jan 2019 Ramana Tandra
Waves of joy
Waves of sorrow
Waves of thoughts
Waves of memories
They come and go
Temporary visitors
Of my mind
Only come
For a reason

For reminding me
For teaching Me
And leave
Feel their presence
Cherish the essence
And let go
Do not hang on to it
Let your journey continue

 Jan 2019 Ramana Tandra
Each Birth
Happens for a lesson
One's Passion
The heart's

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