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Ramana Tandra Sep 18
With flattened wings
Spreading the demise
Un aimed lives
Now swallowing
The bane the religion
When my eyes
Reluctant to the truth

When my voice
Disinclined to question

When my feet
Disheartened to march
To fight the tyranny

Then my brain
Ready to commit suicide
Since I am "a nothing"
Since I am "an idolum"
Since I am "an idiot"
Ramana Tandra Aug 18
When the streets
Filled with blood
When the blood
Kisses my feet
How can I write
The beauty of flowers?
When the corpse
Looks at me painfully
When the humanity
Whirling in hostility
How can I write
Bliss of the soul?
Ramana Tandra May 19
War is
A war against humanity
War is
A war against mankind
War is
A war against you
War is
A war that kills you
But not protects

You may be
Either Pakistani
Or Indian or other
When do you see that
War and patriotism
The anti theses
Ramana Tandra Apr 25
Unless the soul in you
Not exposed to humanity
The eyes you have
Never shed the tears
Ramana Tandra Apr 15
It's my own
That can't be of others
It's my own
Where I can live in peace
It's my own
That no one can purchase
It's my own
From where I can decide
My destination
It's my own
That no one can drag from me
Oh! My death bed
I love you the most.
Ramana Tandra Apr 13
Hunger - interminable
Hunger for DEATHS
But no one can nerve
To reveal the truth
Patriotism a guise
Hostility the truth
It oozes the arms
It bites the lives
Thirst of blood
Quenched by death rattle
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