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Our river boat will be pretty,
******* with string and bright pink peony.
her name? Silviar! all written in chemistry.  
we'll write poetry and sing, as we search for our destiny.
The Thames is our oasis and this town our kingdom.
I haven't run like this since we where both children.
The coffee shop is sweet like a hippy motel .
We drink and we plan how to travel the world.
but when the moon arrives we suddenly see
we where sleeping together but inside different dreams.
It's 4am but you're not sleeping.
Your friends went out, but you stayed in.. Again.
The lights are off, but it feels much darker.
Your mind is screaming you're a coward.
Anna Josephine Dec 2019
Let's go back to where this almost ended.
My last poem forever pending.
You held me close and stopped me comprehending, the life in hell I'd one day be spending.
Anna Josephine Dec 2019
Let me live love like the counting crows.
I don't have to pretend you don't know.
I want to live love.
Let me live love with you.
Anna Josephine Oct 2019
I am afraid of the scariest of things.
I am afraid of the past and what the future might bring.

I am afraid of your eyes they all have a story.
Some of pain some of love
And some just ignore me.

I am afraid of judgement the things that you see.
I am most afraid of what my friends think of me.

I am afraid of the dark, my mind and of being alone.
I don't like to remember things that happened at home.

I am afraid of all this and of so much more.
But the one thing I know is I'm brave to the core.
Anna Josephine Sep 2019
Remember me in the summer breeze when the wind blows calm and low.
When the summer fields bloom with colour wheels and the sweet Magnolia's show.
 Remember me in the autumn leaves when Noon's an orange glow.
When the trees are full and the moon is bright and squirrels dance in the forests bows.
  Remember me in the winter freeze when the snow falls slow and kind.
When the children pray and sleigh bells play to bring on  Christmas time .
  Remember me in the spring  filled trees when daffodils meet the eye.
When rabbits jump and lambs wobble on bent knees and crooked thighs .
 But remember me when we finally meet and the ocean drifts on by
when the curtains close the world unfolds and all that's left is you and I
Another very old poem I wrote when I was about 15.
Anna Josephine Sep 2019
The tragic misfortunes of the victims of hate
Could not control their haunted fate.
Romeo and Juliet bound in chains of doom
sprung from a fountain of a toxic fued.
Fiery tybalt and his sword of gold revived a battle that remains to be told.
Romeo in anger and full of love killed the boy and a riot set off .
Now the hate grew ever more and more and soon enough the families where at war !
Which to end a tale in death and tears for these ancient families it was never clear.
That there love made love turn into hate.
Now four lay dead in a tomb,
from the battles of the caplets and the montagues !
And never was there a story of more woe than this of juliet and her romeo.
Just found this poem that I wrote when I was 13. It's not perfect but I had completely forgotten about it and re reading it was like being smacked in the face with nostalgia.
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