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SophiaAtlas Oct 2023
Paranoia is healthy in small doses.
What does it mean to you?
Usual coincidences? Gard de Montparnasse, paranoia interpretations of mobile phoney?
Context: this was written yesterday, first coincidence, i hop on the metro to get to the station but the train doesnt leave the station so i start walking, it was a really nice day and while not unhappy at the metro blip i was taking it as a sign the human animals were making '''gods''' will a physical reality and i was meant to walk it. a few minutes after walking i saw the trains were running again so i took some solace in knowing the other passengers would not be too delayed.2) i got to the station and as i walk over to the information desk and the person at it immediately grabs his phone and leaves the desk empty. In Dublin trains they have an advertising campaign with a phrase of Mobile phoney as a person that talks into their phone when not on any call just so they dont have to give up their seat, the phrase jumped into my mind without prompt. Needless to say i wasn't in the mood to be around people while in this headspace so grabbed lunch, listened to music, read a book and tried to be alone. (dont worry though my day/headspace did get better :-):-):-))

— The End —