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Helina Nov 2018
Love every inch
Love ever curve and scar
Love the body that carries your soul
The soul that thinks there should be a goal,
a goal to be perfect
Because the World has told it so

They say you're too skinny
Then they tell you you're fat
Your mind wants to blow
What have we done to our world though?
Why want us to suffer mentally?
living up to societies expectations
Fake photos, and photoshopped *******
Why make us all follow their fake idea of perfection?

I am more than just what meets the eyes,
No one else has my skin, my body, my hair, my mind and me all together
I'm unique as I am
I will ignore their definitions of "beautiful",
Not going to hide under pounds of makeup,
Not going to hate myself for not looking more like them,
and not going to hide from the world
Let them all see who i want to BE, instead of the mask they wanted to see
The mask covering up the real ME
I will stand up straight,
I will keep my head up high,
For me and all of society
Praying one day, this will all be over with
That we will stop defining "beauty"
I will fight for our right,
Our right to live as how we are made
No more being afraid
Vivian Sep 2017
Logos are really fun on Photoshop,
so I make them from lots of sites.
They are really enjoyable to crop,
at any dear angles or any heights!

Editing pictures are amusing too,
and so I Photoshop any ***** ones.
I do love making any in good view(s),
so have actually alter precisely: tons!

I've had people compliment my work,
and so am indeed very proud of them.
Any could have me smiling or smirk,
since my precious hobby is like a gem!

Analyzing pictures is while such a fun hob,
it could also, for me, be like a prized job!
This poem is about how I love Photoshop, and is in ABAB form, except for those last AA lines.
It has 100 words, as most of my other works as well.
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
I wonder            / there is
any app                 in  /      play store to photoshop a              /        broken heart
to restore               /                to liven it
to lighten it        /           to brighten it
to straighten/ it   to apply filter
to color, /to faint the scars
and/ to crop the
/ unwanted
/        one        
fun with shape poetry.....and technology... photo editors.....haha
Jess Hays Jul 2016
One look around,
Plastered everywhere like a boomerang that never calms down,
Hypocritical words and false perfection.

Coloring the bags under their eyes
Camouflaging the stretch mark on their thighs
And the rest of us stay fixated on our insecurities.

They get paid millions of dollars
To correct their microphoned voices
And be honored for the 'hottest celebrity'
When they are just like the rest of us.
28 | 31 Poems for August

I’m slowly falling apart, but all I can think about, is holding the pieces of your broken heart together.
You are the rain I keep dancing in and I see no use in being under an umbrella.
I’ve somehow forgotten the lyrics of my favourite love song.
Slowly sing with me and help me remember.
All I want to do is help you appreciate love’s panoramic view.
All I want to do is know you better and move closer to you.
There are millions of poems and words, but none can explain my love for you.
Give me something that I can hold on to.
Give me something that cannot be defined.
Help me build up my faith when I’ve lost the spirit to believe.
Provide my lungs with sufficient air to breathe.
Show me the pictures of you that haven’t been Instagram-filtered or tainted with Photoshop.
Teach me how to slow dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat.
I’m less interested in seeing you “dropping it like it’s hot” or showing me all the bad things that you’re not.
Let me be more than just words for you.
Let me be more than just hands that long to embrace you.
Let me be someone you can relate to.
Someone your family and friends would love to be introduced to.
Someone who can find the hidden words in your silence.
Let me be the peace that heals your wounds of violence.
Let me be the piece that completes your complex puzzle.
You are everything to me.
If only you could realise that, if only you could see.
Luna Craft Sep 2015
Come on girls
Let's cut & paste
Because our skin is shame
With rib cages small enough to break
And powder that can only cover so much
axr Nov 2014
Go on girl, use all of that photoshop to cover up your blemishes, dark circles and what not.
We all know that you're ugly inside.

— The End —