It's funny how
When I don't feel like talking to anyone
No one talks to me

It's funny how
When I need someone to talk to
No one talks to me

It's funny how
Alone I am
But I deserve this
It's fate
My destiny
full moon bright

with sun reflected light

why cant i be like you
I see the way you look at me
Empty eyes still smiling
Like you don't think that I can see
Inside your mind and it's humbling
After all these years you consider me
Nothing more than an enemy

The way you touch me burns my skin
Begging me to let you in
A ****** war that I can't win
Everyday the way it begins
After all these years, a struggle within
Looking past your loveless grin

The way you smile blinds my sight
Weakens me against your lies
The way I want you makes me cry
Knowing what I know inside
After all these years It's hard to fight
Against the empty in your eyes
I have no more expectations
I don't believe your truths
I have no limitations
I'm turning into you
The only thing I never wanted
Was for us to not succeed
I have no hope to see that now
I only have my greed
I can only do my best
While your doing your absolute worst
I can only keep trying
Make sure you see me first
I only have what I accept
You have what I don't see
While your trying to find someone else
I'm hating that I'm me
The revenge of my beating heart
Thumps with the need
To create pain and suffering
Like you did for me
Thirsts for blood
To set me free
The revenge of my beating heart
Is unsatisfied but gauranteed
To carry out
With no doubt
To take from you
What you've taken from me
The revenge of my beating heart
Still beats
Is not afraid
Of the price that's paid
I live a life of regrets

A life of constant no rest

A life that needs a drastic change

A life that seems so distant and strange

I live a life of regrets

I'd open my mouth and speak my mind

If it would even matter

The more I see, the less try

To hide the constant clatter

I live a life of regrets
It's too hard

It's too hard and I can't take it

I'm too weak

And I'm tired of trying to fake it

Help me now

Because I know that I won't make it
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