I cry before I fall asleep each night
If I have time, I cry before the sun decides to rise
And I cry each day you refuse to touch me
I cry when I know your not thinking of me

The only ones that tell me they love me are the kids
But how am I supposed to know if they know what love is
I can say that I don't care but I'm a mother
And I think about them and all the others

I don't want them to cry before they fall asleep each night
I don't want them to cry before the sun decides to rise
I don't want them to not know strength
But they see the weakness in me and I'm ashamed

That I cry myself to sleep because I'm lonely
And I cry while I'm cooking because no one holds me
And I cry in the shower because there's nothing left to do
I cry because I don't know if I can make it through

Then you finally come home and you ignore me
When I try to talk, you say that I'm boring
And maybe it's me who doesn't know what love really is
No one should have to cry their way through this
It's an epidemic,

A widespread occurrence,

A pandemic plague,

A wide-range extensive

Infectious disease,

Called loneliness
DarkSkyesRising Dec 2018
You stole my heart

In the end, you gave it back destroyed

Maybe that's why I can't let go

Your still covered in it's blood

And it pulls me towards you

Too weak to carry on alone
DarkSkyesRising Dec 2018
As horrible as it may be
You've checked out from 'us' years ago
You don't miss me anymore
You don't love me anymore
But I still give you me
To the best of my ability
I do the best that my mind and heart will allow
Even though it hurts
To be able to say 'I love you'
To be able to say 'I miss you'
And not expect a reply
DarkSkyesRising Dec 2018
I've learned from my point of view
There's no one more dangerous than you
DarkSkyesRising Dec 2018
I wish that your words were believable

I wish your fingers didn't burn when they touch my skin

I wish what I want was achievable

But we can't just start again

I wish that you want me more than I need you

I wish we could fix what was done before it got this far

I wish that I could move on, I need to

You still hold my heart, covered in scars

You hold the knife and you use it

I hold my life and abuse it

Theres nothing keeping either one of us here

Except our own fear, my need to be near

Your need to see clear

I wish that things happened for a reason

I was told to fight for what I believed in

After all this time, why do I still believe in you

Your the one that tore me in two

I wish shooting stars were magical

I wish that feeling lost was a way to begin

I wish we weren't so asymmetrical

I wish our love wasn't so thin
DarkSkyesRising Nov 2018
Your inconsideration for this situation
Leaves me high
Burning dissappointment with no ointment
Leaves me dry
Filling up my artificial cup
Thats filled with holes
A symbol that with me
You will never reach your goals
There are way too many flaws
In your sweaty slap of *****
To give me what I need
To fill the want and greed
That I have for you
Your inconsideration for this situation
Leaves me high
Burning dissapointment with no ointment
Leaves me dry
Asking ****** questions that I hope
Will answer why
Wondering if It makes me weak
If I give up and cry
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