Hello broken person,

Are you empty just like me?

Do you feel so much it hurts enough

To bring you to your knees?

Are you confused or frustrated

Over why you can never be

Someone who can find the time

To unsee what we have seen?

Hello broken person,

I am empty, and just like you

I have fought a thousand battles

And somehow made my way through

It hasn't gotten easier

I dont think it ever will

They say that time is healing,

But only time can tell

Hello broken person,

Are you empty just like me?

Have you had enough? Do you feel numb?

Are you sure you can even breathe?

Does it feel like exsanguination,

But it's coming from your heart?

Do you feel a void so big

That its tearing you apart?

Have you heard of an antidote,

Some sort of remedy?

Something that will help us out

I'm tired of being empty
I dont want to let go
But I must
I dont want to say goodbye
But it's just
What if I'm holding you back
From the light
What if I'm the reason
You've given up your fight
What if you stay
And never know
What it's like to be free
To let go
I dont want to be the one that holds on
I have to learn to live with you gone
In my dreams
She haunts me
A little girl
With sunken eyes
She sings a song
So daunting
That it takes me
By surprise
The words are
Though I dont know
What they mean
But the chills
That go down my spine
Bring me to
My knees
And I try to run
Away from her
But theres never
A way out
I try to hide
I try to fight
But it never
Seems to help
And if I try
To talk to her
She smiles
Big and wide
She never gives
An answer
No matter how hard
I try
She flickers
Then is in front of me
I turn and
Finally scream
And I'm shaken awake
By the same pretty face
"Mommy, it was just a dream."
I'm sinking lower
Away from the light
The metaphorical lyrics
That made me fight
Now theres darkness around me
Just like the darkness in my mind
And I dont know what I'm doing
When I'm running out of time
I feel like there should be something
Inside me, the will to survive
But I'm more confused than anything
I dont have the fight or flight
In the end I know where I'll end up
But I think that'll be alright
The shock isnt what got me
It's the fact that you still lie
And I'm sinking further down
More than I ever thought I could
And I'm stuck down here in darkness
With a weight around my foot
And I'm sure I know what happens next
But I'm tired of this plight
The funny thing is the water is shallow
I could stand up and be fine
That's only because I got tired of sinking
So fucking long ago
That I've spent years filling in the hole
Where my mind tends to go
I sink down here on my own free will
Knowing I wont be found here
The only place I dont have to be strong
Where I'm not ashamed of my tears
I think I'll stay down here this time
I dont want to go back
Because I'm tired of finding out
About all the things I lack
You cant have my tears
Not this time

I'm tired of crying
About the same shit
I'm tired

You cant have them
Not this time

I will keep them

For something worth crying over
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