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13.8k · Sep 2017
The Frog and The Bee
Jackie Mead Sep 2017
The Frog and The Bee lived merrily on a log, in a bog in the middle of two Rivers, the River Louse and the River Wry.

They were best friends with the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse and the Elf with one ear and the Fly with one eye who lived on the River Wry.

One day the Frog, on the log in the middle of the bog, said to his dear friend the Bee, it's about time that you and I, the Mouse with the house on the River Louse, Elf and Fly had another adventure.
The Bee buzzed excitedly and said 'what did you have in mind?'
"Well" said the Frog, who lived on the log in the middle of the bog on the River Louse, where the Mouse had his house “I was thinking that you and I and the Fly with one eye could get together with the Mouse, who has a house on the River Louse,and the Elf with one ear and set out for the town of Cry which is on the River Wry”.
” I've heard” said the Frog, who lived on the log in the middle of the bog on the River Louse, where the Mouse had his house “that there is a horse living by the course of the River who because he is getting older needs some help getting his master and friend round the very long bend.”
“I thought you and I and the Fly with one eye and Elf with one ear and the Mouse with a house on the River Louse could come up with a plan to get the barge, the horse, his master and friend around the River bend at the town of Cry on the River Wry”.
“What a great idea” said the Bee to the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle
of a bog, let's go summons our friends, the Mouse with a house on the River Louse and the Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear and help the master and his horse round the River course”.

So the Frog and Bee set out to find the Mouse with the house on the River Louse and the Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear and explain to them that there was a horse who needed their help to get a barge and his master and friend around the River bend.
The Mouse with the house on the River Louse and the Fly with one eye and The Elf with one hear were easy to persuade, they all agreed to let Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, to take the lead.
Frog said to the Elf with one ear “we need to you to be the eyes for the Fly with one eye and help him find his way to the town of Cry on the River Wry”.  
To the Fly with one Eye, Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog said “we need you to help the Elf with one ear and be his ears, working together to find your way to the town of Cry on the River Wry”

The friends set out on their way to the town of Cry on the River Wry, Frog, who, lived on a log in the middle of the bog, croaked very nosily as he hopped from lily pad to lily pad from River Louse, where the Mouse with the house lived, to River Wry and their destination the town of Cry.

The Bee buzzed happily on the shoulder of the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, and accepted the ride with his friend to the River bend at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

The Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear set out together, the Elf with his perfect eye sight led the way to the town of Cry on the River Wry.  The Fly with his perfect hearing kept the Elf safe from harm and alerted him to any creature that may be nearing.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the friends would get to the town of Cry on the River Wry soon, the Frog and the Bee, the Fly and the Elf and the Mouse with the house on the River Louse, would help their friend the horse and his master get around the very long course of the River at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

After several hours, the friends all agreed it wouldn’t be long now until their friend the horse would be in sight and they would use all of their skills and all of their might to help their friend navigate around the bend of the river at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

The Frog croaked to the Bee, look our friend is in front of you and me, the horse is close to the River bend and he will soon need all his friends to help him round the bend close to the town of Cry on the River Wry.

The horse was pleased to see his friends, the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, the Bee and the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse, the Fly with one eye and Elf with one ear, he began to neigh and cheer, at last he would have some help from his friends to get him, the barge and his master and friend around the river bend.

The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, asked the horse “how can we assist you and your master?”.  The horse replied ” of course I need good eyes and ears and lots of noise to guide the master, the barge and me, the horse, of course, around the river bend.”
The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of a bog, replied “I have an idea, the Elf with one ear has perfect eyes and the Fly with one eye has perfect ears, myself the Bee and the Mouse with a house on the river louse can all make lots of noise, together we will all work to assist your master and you, the horse, around the river course".
The horse did neigh as if to obey and went to find his master.  With a collar around his neck attached to the barge he lowered his head and began to walk.
The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of a bog and the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse and the Bee made as much noise as a trio of three could possibly.
The Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, did croak, the Mouse with a house on the River Louse, did squeak and the Bee did buzz and together they made an awful lot of fuss, and the horse did neigh as if to say, he heard them all just fine.

The horse continued to walk and the Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear did appear, and encouraged the horse to walk on, the Fly with its perfect ears did listen to his friends, The Frog who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, the Mouse who had a house on the River Louse and The Bee, and talked the horse around the river bend.  
The Elf with one ear and its perfects eyes did talk to the horse and describe the course of the river at the town of Cry on the River Wry.

In no time at all the horse, the barge and the master, his friend had gotten all the way around the large bend of the river at the town of Cry on the River Wry.
The horse did neigh as if to say "Thank You" to his friends, the Frog who lived on a log in the middle of the bog, the Bee, the Mouse with a house on the River Louse, The Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear and invited them to stay for tea.  
The Master was so pleased that he fell to his knees and said to the creatures big and small "thank you for your help today it is fair to say that without your noise, your perfect sight and perfect talk the horse would not have made the walk around the river bend".
"Now" said the master to the new set of friends "lets set up camp past the river bend and have a cup of tea", "thank you" said the Frog, who lived on a log in the middle of the bog and the Bee, "we’d love a cup of tea".

So this very odd group of friends sat around and made mend with a cup of tea and a fire to keep them warm as they swapped stories for the night and tomorrow the friends would make their way home.

The Frog, who lived on the log in the middle of the bog, turned to his special friend the Bee and said “thank you for believing in me”
Another story based poem, it's a bit epic, thank you to anyone who takes the time to read it.
Jackie Mead Dec 2017
Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie lived a regal life.

Slaying dragons and battling witches by day, monsters and zombies by night.

Each day brought adventures new, trips on boats and to the zoo.

One particular day when feeling bored, Prince Simon decided to explore.

Down to the basement, he slowly sneaked, quietly to take a peek.  New adventures he did seek.  
Simon decided to explore.
A rickety old wardrobe he did find and suddenly an adventure sprang to mind

Searching in the wardrobe what do you think he found…

“Come on Prince Jason, Princess Sophie too, come into the wardrobe and look what I have found
A snow globe, all beautiful and round”, “shake it Princess Sophie what do you see a festive setting with us three.”

Climb into the wardrobe pull your dress in tight, we are about to take flight.
Into the wardrobe all three did climb, and soon the wardrobe started to rock and shake, getting higher and higher and faster and faster it suddenly left the ground.

“Where are we going” shouted Princess Sophie, “destination unknown” said Prince Simon, “no change of clothes” Prince Jason asked, “not this time” said Prince Simon, “we are fine as we are, I’m not sure if were going that far”.

Soon enough the trip had ended, and the wardrobe landed on the floor, Prince Simon, Prince Jason & Princess Sophie opened the door and set off to explore.

This new land they had found, had lots of white snow all over the ground and white snow in all the trees.
Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie fell to their knees, delighted to see such a lot of snow they started to make snowballs and began to throw them at each other, laughing and wheezing with delight, they took aim and threw with all their might.
30mins later and wet through they weren’t sure where they had landed or what they had come to do.

They began to start looking around when on the floor Prince Jason found some footprints that looked quite small, not as big as horse or as small as a mouse, Prince Jason thought they belonged to a reindeer, all three of them began to cheer.

They set off following the small footprints until they found themselves on top of a small hill looking down the hill they could see a Fairyland Grotto, sparkling and white a sheer picture of pure delight.
They looked around to see if they could find a map, which would show where all the stalls were at.

Princess Sophie was the first to shout, “let’s take a tumble down the hill and check under the mat of the first Chalet to see if that is where the map is at”

All three agreed and tumbling to their bellies did roly poly down the hill, the first to come to a standstill was Prince Simon who looked under the mat and found the map was exactly where they'd thought it was at.

Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie looked excitedly, the very first stop was at the Toy Factory.

Situated to their left they entered the doors very slowly, then took a deep breath as they did see hundreds of Elves making toys in all their glory.
Working hard to make toys of wood and of metal too, from board games to cars, puzzles to bikes the Princes and Princess could not believe their eyes.
The Elves were working very fast and all the toys they made were sure to last.
The Elves were delighted to have company and agreed to stop and have a cup of tea, with all three.
Cups of tea and plates of cakes, mince pies and scones were soon assembled, and hurriedly eaten. The children were delighted to be having tea with the Elves, couldn’t help themselves but ask, do you know if we three are on the Good List or the Naughty?

Ha! Ha! Said the Elves wouldn’t you like to know but we still have several weeks to go.
It isn’t until the last minute the decision is made, so Santa asks that you are good all year round and not just today.

Once tea was over the Elves did say that they could move on to the next stop which was to groom the reindeers, feed them too and clean the stable of their smelly poo.

The children laughed and giggled they really were excited they exited the Toy Factory and went next door, the reindeers were in a stable and the children started to explore.
They were joined by the Head Groomsman a very elderly Elf who had a long white beard, moustache and hair and a pointed hat upon his head.

Prince Jason asked the Groomsman if they “could feed the reindeers please?” Princess Sophie was so excited she started to shout and wheeze “Please Mr Groomsman, Please?” “Can we feed the reindeer a carrot and some milk too? I don’t mind if I have to clean up his smelly poo”

Prince Jason and Prince Simon were not too sure and began to walk backwards towards the door, ready to make their escape should it occur that they had to clean the stables for the reindeers.

Mr Groomsman began to laugh, his belly began to shake, “it is OK young children please come in, you can feed the reindeers a carrot and milk, then brush them clean, you don’t need to clean up anything else, that is the work of the younger Elves”

The children were delighted and ran into the stables, first the Head Groomsman gave them a brush and showed them how to groom.
Next the children gave each of the reindeer a carrot and saucer of milk, smoothed the reindeer some more then the Head Groomsman said, “I hear that the three of you are expected next door, where Santa awaits to hear your list, don’t keep him waiting you do not want to miss the chance to speak” “Today will be the last day for a while, as he is working hard to bring a smile to every child’s face on Christmas Day”.

“A few rules before you go:
“Talk quietly and real slow, if you talk too fast or begin to shout you will not make sense and then you may miss out.
“Ask for Toys or Books or sweets, maybe socks for your feet but do not ask to solve world peace, Santa is always working on this, but it is very hard as you can imagine and takes more than one person.”
Ask for things for your mummy and daddy, your brother and sister, thinking of others is a good trait and will please Santa, now run along be good children and don't be late”
One last thing before you go Rudolph is looking forward to meeting you today, but his Red Nose is poorly and won’t come out to play, so please don’t tease or laugh or wheeze when Rudolph Nose does not come shiny and bright “

The children promised the Head Groomsman they would behave, said farewell and went on their way.

Next door to the Stable Hut resided Santa’s hut before they knocked on the door Prince Simon looked at Prince Jason and Princess Sophie and began to implore “let’s think about what we are going to ask, we don’t want to fail this task”

The three children stopped and put their heads together and slowly they began to say which each thought would be a nice surprise for their Parents to open on Christmas Day.

Prince Simon said, “for Mummy that’s easy she likes dressing up a new scarf and gloves to match her coat”
Prince Jason declared “for Daddy a book or cd for the car”
Princes Sophie sighed and said, “for Granny and Nanny a new duvet for their beds”

All three agreed it was a good list, Prince Simon stepped up to knock on the door.
Slowly the door opened and revealed the room inside. Santa was sat on a chair with Rudolph by his side.
“Welcome, welcome, children” Santa cried, “come in, come in don’t be shy, don't stand there  it’s awfully cold outside”.
The children entered and dutifully closed the door, waiting patiently for Santa to speak.
Santa called them by their names and asked if they had a special gift they would like on Christmas day.  
The children became quite shy and uncertain what to say.
Again, Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie put their heads together to agree what would be best when Santa laughed and said, “I was only putting you to the test”
Of course, I know what each of you would like but it depends on whether you’ve been Good or Bad
The children started to pull a face and looked very Sad, they weren’t sure if they had behaved well enough throughout the year.

Santa decided to put them out of their misery turned to each of them and said:

Prince Simon – you have attended school every day you could, you’ve completed your Maths Homework, made a book rack out of wood and in addition your Teacher has been pleased to say that you are cheerful every day.  

Prince Jason – you too have attended school every day that you could, you’ve excelled in English and Sports.
Your Teacher is delighted to have you in her class and you can easily cheer everyone up with one of your hearty laughs.

Princess Sophie – finally you have attended school every day excel in English and Ballet
Your Teacher is happy to have you in her class and trusts you to help new pupils orient their way around the school on their first day.

These are very good reports, but we give the final say to your Parents, so let’s see what they have to say:

Prince Simon – our eldest son makes us very proud he studies heartily and never is too loud.  
He looks after his brother and sister and includes them in his fun, he really is a very well-behaved number one son.

Prince Jason – our middle child is fun to be around, he never gets too angry, always makes his bed and doesn’t let his intelligence go to his head.
He takes his studies at school seriously and hands his work in on time, he really is a well-behaved middle child.

Princess Sophie – our youngest child, has a little bit of wild but not too much, just enough to keep us on our toes that is for sure, she makes friends easily and always has a smile for everyone to see. she really is a well behaved youngest child.

Santa sighed, “I wished all children had these same reports, for certain if you do nothing naughty in the next 10 days your names will be on the Good List come Christmas Day”.

The three children cheered and wanted to ask what presents Santa had in mind but decided to decline, the three children decided to wait and be surprised.

All this time Rudolph had sat quietly by Santa’s side not saying a word and trying not to look at the children he really didn’t want to be noticed or heard, he wasn’t feeling right, his usually very Red nose did not come shiny and bright.
Princess Sophie noticed him out of the corner of her eye, ran to kneel by his side and put her hand around his neck lovingly declared “You are our very favourite reindeer”  
The Two Princes joined Princess Sophie and sighed and said “Rudolph have no fear that your nose is not Red at this time of year, there’s ten days to go before your nose is required to light up the way for Santa on Christmas Day”
If you rest and hydrate it is not too late and your nose will be right and shiny and bright for Santa on Christmas Eve night”

Rudolph was delighted and gave the children a nudge and a sloppy kiss to their ears, all three children giggled sillily.

“Now, now”, Santa said, “you have been gone a long time, you really should return home, your Mummy will be worried about you and that will never do”

They climbed into the rocket and, set the destination to their home not quite a million miles below.
As they approached their home, the roof started to open wide and the rocket began to slow, the ride was nearly over they did not have far to go.
Very soon the wardrobe landed safely on the floor, the children were exhausted and ran to open the door; out they fell full of excitement and looking for their mummy, The Queen.
Princess Sophie ran out first excitedly shouting “Mummy you never guess where we have been, we’ve been to Lapland to See Santa’s Hut and Rudolphs Nose which did not light and a Head Groomsman who was a real delight, plus all the Elves took tea with us too, we really did have fun, can we go again next year”.
“Slow down” Mummy smiled and said, “it’s getting late, it’s almost time for bed”.
If you run along to your room, get dressed for bed and clean your teeth, I will be along in a while to read you a story and you can tell me all about your trip to Lapland today, I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say”
Mummy closed the door and said “Good Night sweet children, sleep tight, say your wishes with all of your might, may all your wishes and dreams come true for you on Christmas Day”
A big thank you if you read this to the end, I hope you enjoy this seasonal story, it's a work in progress but let me know what you think.
Merry Christmas everyone ☓
Jackie Mead Oct 2017
Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie lived a regal life.

Slaying dragons and battling witches by day, monsters and beasts by night.

Each day brought adventures new, trips on boats and to the zoo.

One particular day when feeling bored, Prince Simon decided to explore.

Down to the basement, he slowly sneaked, quietly to take a peek.  New adventures he did seek.

A rickety old wardrobe he did find and suddenly an adventure sprang to mind.

Prince Simon shouted excitedly, "come quickly Prince Jason, Princess Sophie the Wardrobe holds an adventure new, one for me and why don't you join me too?"

The three children didn't hesitate into the Wardrobe they climbed, "where are we going today? do you know the way? Prince Jason chimed.

"The way is West" Prince Simon declared "to the Wild Wild West in the days that were best, in the morning I have a history test."

Quickly buckle up, hold tight, the wardrobe will soon be taking flight.

No sooner had they entered the wardrobe and buckled up, then the wardrobe began to rock and shake, the wardrobe began to lift and quake.

The rocket started rising higher and higher, faster and faster , picking up speed and going faster and faster.

Higher and higher, faster and faster they rose into the sky.

Higher and higher, faster and faster until they were 30,000 feet high and heading in the direction of the Wild Wild West.  
All three children were delighted, the rocket ship made them so excited.

Prince Jason and Princess Sophie said, " what do we need to wear on this adventure?"

Prince Simon said "cowboy hat, jeans, boots, and vest, that's all that's required for the wild wild west"

"mmm said Princess Sophie what about cowgirls or squaws that is what an Indian Girl is called"

"Well," said Prince Jason "their very similar, a cowhide dress, boots and Stetson hat for cowgirl, a cowhide dress, boots and feather headdress for the Squaw, let's look around and explore what the wardrobe has hidden for us all"

The children started looking and everything they required they did find Prince Simon and Prince Jason looked very fine as Cowboys with their hats, jeans, boots and vest they would fit right in, in the Wild Wild West.

Princess Sophie decided to dress as a Squaw and donned Cowhide dress, boots and feather headdress turned to her brothers to see if she passed the test.

"Perfect" Prince Simon and Prince Jason declared "come join us  now," they both said," it won't be long" Prince Simon stated "until we land back in time of the 1870's in Deadwood Gulch, USA, the Sheriff has a campaign to rid the county of its bad name "

Prince Jason and Princess Sophie were so excited they began to laugh and squeak, Princess Sophie did declare that "her knees were feeling weak"

10 minutes later the rocket had slowed down and was starting its' descent, Princess Sophie got so excited as she spied a teepee tent.

"Look" Princess Sophie shouted "a reservation down below, where Indians are settled and warm fires are all aglow"  

"Can we please stop and speak, I would like to ride a horse and a canoe, I have read stories and I know that's what they do, in the land of the Sioux!"

Slowly the rocket did descend, landing near the reservation, all three children opened the door, their eyes grew wider at what they saw.

5,000 Indians greeted the visitors with big smiles, and their leader, name of Crazy Horse asked them to join them for a while.
“Stay a while,” Crazy Horse said we’ll make some food, teach you to ride a horse ******* and a canoe, teach you the ways of the Sioux.

Princess Sophie replied, “we can’t wait” looking at the leader’s headdress Princess Sophie sighed “how come your headdress is as tall as it is wide?”

Crazy Horse smiled and sweetly said “I am a leader of these people and I do not hide; my headdress makes me stand out from others at my side”

Crazy Horse led the children to the teepee tent and signalled them to sit on the floor in front, cross-legged.

“We hunt daily for fish and meat, the food you are going to be given is precious and prepared with care, please do not wait, dig in, enjoy, there is enough to share”

Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie dived in enthusiastically, tasting everything, they could, from rice and beans, fish and meat, everything was so tasty and cooked in a *** hung over the wood.

“when you have finished “Crazy Horse declared we have horses ready for you to ride, don’t worry someone will walk with you at your side”

The children excitedly climbed upon their horses, Lakota for Prince Simon, Kamanchee for Prince Jason and Quil for Princess Sophie, they each clicked their heels and off the horses trot.

Just as Crazy Horse promised, each of the children had an Indian by their side, walking and talking about the best way to ride.

After an hour the children did decide that as much as they enjoyed it they had to end the ride.

Prince Simon said to Crazy Horse “thank you for your hospitality but we really must leave right now, we are meeting the Sheriff man of Deadwood Gulch” he said with a bow.

Crazy Horse bid them adieu and said, “say Hi to Wild Bill for me, last time I saw him he was wagon master”

The three children said their goodbyes and walked along the White River to their destination town, Deadwood Gulch.

Suddenly wooden huts appeared and horses pulling carriages, people and cargo shared the inside and Wells Fargo in writing on the outside.

Prince Simon, Prince Jason, and Princess Sophie looked around the town, found a sign that said Sheriff’s Office, rang the bell and entered.

Wild Bill Hickock with his long hair and Stetson hat, looked just as the children remembered from their history class.

“Hi,” said Wild Bill as he rose from his seat, stretched his hand out to greet the three children.

You must be Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie come to learn the ways of the Wild West before your history test.

“Yes” said Prince Simon, wildly shaking Wild Bills hand “we are delighted to meet you and lend a helping hand”

Wild Bill said, “follow me, I am about to take a walk, meet the local folk and welcome visitors to the town, would you like to tag along with me as I walk around?”

The three children agreed excitedly and followed behind, “First stop” said Wild Bill is the Post Office look for the Yellow sign”
“I see it,” said Princess Sophie as she ran across the street “let’s all go inside and meet the postmistress, make sure she’s got what she needs, if she requires any stationary we may have to place an order to arrive with speed”

“Next stop,” said Wild Bill “is the Blacksmiths down the road, if you are lucky he will show you how a horse is shoed”
The children watched quietly as the Blacksmith plied his trade, treating all of the horses to pairs of shoes fit for a parade.

“Last,” said Wild Bill “off to a rodeo we go, you will see cowboys riding their horses and using their lassoes and if your very lucky they will let you try it too”

Prince Simon, Prince Jason, and Princess Sophie were so excited they hardly said a word, watching the rodeo in silence, watching every move.
Finally, Wild Bill shouted from the side, “hands up who is keen to have a ride around the ranch? Try their hand with a lasso and maybe get some lunch.

The children’s hands shot up in the air and all three children gave a very loud cheer, Wild Bill laughed and replied, “Follow me and I will hook you up with three horses for a ride”

For the second time that day the children rode horses, this time in a circle around the corral, keeping time Wild Bill always by their side, they loved the ride.

Last but least Wild Bill put on a feast of a show with rope in his hand he threw the lasso over some cans set up on a fence, pulled the rope tight and without a second glance, felled the tins to the floor, the children let out an appreciative roar.

“That is the end of your day” Wild Bill did say “I am sorry to see you go but you must run along home, you’ve been gone a long time and your mummy will be worried”

The children shook Wild Bill's hand and thanked him for his time, sadly the day had ended and they climbed back in the wardrobe, set the destination to their home a million miles below.

As they approached their home, the roof started to open wide and the rocket began to slow, the ride was nearly over and they did not have far to go.

Very soon the wardrobe landed safely on the floor, the children were exhausted and ran to open the door, out they fell full of excitement and looking for their mummy, headed straight to the kitchen.

Mummy looked at all three children and declared “there you are, I was searching for Prince Simon as he has a history test in the morning on the Wild Wild West and I was going to help him revise for it.

The children laughed and cried, Princess Sophie, sighed, “no need mummy” they all declared “we know all about it, we’ve all been there”

Prince Simon said “Can we just have some tea and go straight to bed, I promise I have all the knowledge of the Wild Wild West clearly in my head, at least enough to pass the test.”

Of course said Mummy wash your hands, tea is ready.
If you have children, you may wish to know this is now available as a book. As is the Two Princes and a Princess fly to the Moon
7.5k · Nov 2018
I Miss You
Jackie Mead Nov 2018
Dad, I know you would not want me to say..
but I miss you every single day.

You were my hero from an early age
my guardian, my teacher, my wisely sage.

You and Mum raised us all with such love.
Handling us all with kitten gloves.

Your knowledge and experiences you would freely impart.
You really were oh so smart.

There was nothing you wouldn't do
To keep your Family close to you.
An arm to hold us, stop us falling down.
An ear to listen when no one else was around.

You were strength
You were smart
You were fun
You were loyal
You were our rock

We won't forget you Dad, you'll never leave our hearts.

Love you **
It would have been my Dads birthday on Sunday, two days after my Daughters, four days after my Grandaughters.

He would have been 84.

My Dads been gone for two years now but I miss him every day.

Since last November ive written and self published three children's books and it is my only regret that my Dad didn't get to see this I know he would have been so proud.

I will be visiting a local place very dear to us on Sunday and raising a glass to my beloved Dad.

Thank you for listening **
Jackie Mead Mar 2018
The Mouse with the House on the River Louse and Miss Molly the Dolly who lived next door.
Called a meeting one day of all their friends, The Horse and Master who lived round the bend,  Frog who lived on a log in the middle of a bog and The Bee,The Elf with one ear and the Fly with one eye.
It was a Council meeting they did cry, to discuss, with a little fuss, how to maintain  the countryside far and wide.
It was decreed they would meet in the  grounds of Miss Molly's house at half past three, the house next door to the Mouse who had a House on the River Louse.
It was a council meeting they declared, to discuss a problem that had come to light.
A problem they did fear if nothing was done, would grow and grow and their children would not be able to play out in the woods all through the day and into the night.
The problem they had identified was plastic cups dropped to the side, plastic wrappers left on the floor and plastic bags caught up and swept away down river where the children did play.
Fish in the pond had begun to die, when they breathed through their gills and inhaled plastic ties.
Everywhere they began to look was covered in plastic far and wide, it was beginning to disfigure the countryside.
The Humans were trying to do their bit but it was taking time and this did not fit.
They must come up with a plan and start today if the countryside as they know it, we're to be saved.
The Horse and Master spoke up first, "We can serve drinks in glass cups for anyone with a thirst, we can put up posters and implore they purchase their drink at the countrystore".
"The money we take can be used to buy a machine to wash the cups for the next ones to sup".
The Mouse with a House on the River Louse and Miss Molly liked the idea and made a note to have a word with the owner of the countrystore and if necessary to beg and implore that they start with immediate effect.
The Frog who lived on a log in the middle of the bog and The Bee did confer and the Frog and Bee did then rise. "We would like to say" said the Frog and Bee "we would like to make some signs to put around and advise people to be plastic wise and not to litter it on the ground"
"The signs would be painted on paper of course and the Master and the Horse could help" "The signs would say"
"People who come by this way today, please be aware that we don't want your plastic left behind!"
"Please be friendly and take your plastic home, don't leave it on the ground for the Fish or our children to swallow and die, you wouldn't like it and nor do I"
"Please take your plastic home with you and we will welcome you again, our Human friend"
Again the Mouse with a House on the River Louse and Miss Molly the Dolly liked the idea and agreed that posters were in much need. They asked the Frog who lived on a log in the middle of the bog and The Bee to make a start and to ask the Horse and Master to also take part.
Finally the Elf with one Ear and The Fly with one eye wanting to do their bit, they looked at each other and did say, "We would like to make brightly coloured bins that can be seen from far and wide, encouraging people to dispose of their plastic in a bin, on the side they would say "littering the countryside is a sin"
The Fly with one eye said "the coloured bins would assist humans and their children to identify the bins from afar and when they dropped their litter inside a loud noise would play indicating to children and those who struggled to hear, like the Elf with only one ear, that they had found the bin and their litter went within and not on the ground"
The Mouse with a House on the River Louse and Miss Molly the Dolly agreed and said "we have all been very inventive and were all agreed on the following  main action points to start right away.
The list was made to save the day and it looked like this:
Action1 bring in glass cups
Action 2 Implore the countrystore to supply drinks to the passerby
Action 3 make posters of paper and paint put them up on tree trunks, fences and gates
Action 4 Make wooden bins painted bright for people to fill with all their might
The Mouse with a House on the River Louse and Miss Molly went off to the store, to request and implore they stocked glasses for the folk who liked a drink this would encourage them to stop and think.
The Frog who lived on a log in the middle of the bog and The Bee together with their friend the Horse and Master who lived around the River bend set about making posters with paper and paint
The Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear together made wooden bins covered in bright paints, which had a voice within when fed with litter did say 'thank you very much, have a nice day'

They all came together the very next day when Council met again and were very pleased with all that had be done, to keep the countryside spotless and still fun.
They agreed to take a week and then to resume again and discuss if the action points had been a success.
A few days later the friends decided to going swimming in the River Louse where the Mouse had a House and Miss Molly the Dolly lived next door.
The Mouse was pleased to see that all the children were swimming freely, they were not  tangled and tied by the river side with plastic ties.
It seems the glass cups, posters and bins had got the message across:

It's a very long read and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this story. The use of Plastics is a hot topic at the moment here in the UK and I'm sure it's the same wherever you live, try buying anything that's not plastic wrapped for freshness.
Jackie Mead Aug 2017
Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie lived a regal life.

Slaying dragons and battling witches by day, monsters and zombies by night.

Each day brought adventures new, trips on boats and to the zoo.

One particular day when feeling bored, Prince Simon decided to explore.

Down to the basement, he slowly sneaked, quietly to take a peek.  New adventures he did seek.

A rickety old wardrobe he did find and suddenly an adventure sprang to mind.

Running as fast as his legs would go, bellowing with his lungs as hard as they would allow.

"Prince Jason, Princess Sophie please come soon, I have a rocket to take us to the Moon". "Roll up, roll up tickets please, pull your dress right in Princess Sophie it's going to be a squeeze".

All three were so excited they could hardly say a sound.

Prince Simon reached around them both and pulled the door shut tight, buckle up fellow explorers you're in for the ride of your life.

The Wardrobe began to rock and shake, the Wardrobe began to lift and quake.

Destination the Moon, hold on tight we'll get there soon

The rocket started rising faster and faster, higher and higher.

All three children were delighted, the rocket ship made them so excited.

Higher and higher, faster and faster, they rose into the sky.

Higher and higher, faster and faster, leaving the earth behind.

Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie, all declared. "I hope we'll get there soon, I can't wait to walk on the Moon"

"Walk on the Moon", let me think Prince Jason declared, "I'm not sure that we can breathe without any air".

"No air," said Sophie that's no good!, "I need air, what about a hood?"
"A hood is a good idea," said Prince Simon "an oxygen tank and heavy shoes too". "Let's search around the Wardrobe and see what we can find".

Together they searched high and low, finding items as they go.

"A hood" shouted Sophie "just what we need at least now we can all breathe".

"Heavy shoes" shouted Jason, "thank goodness for that, now we can go walking, I heard the moons flat".

"An oxygen tank", Simon declared "together with the hood and boots we are fully equipped for our trip, whoop, whoop, whoop!".

The items they came in three sizes, small for Princess Sophie, medium for Prince Jason and large for Prince Simon and quickly they all dressed up, it wouldn't be long now before the wardrobe came to a stop.

The rocket started descending, slowly it did fall and the children curled together on the floor in a tight knit ball.

Once the rocket had landed the children all ascended to their feet,
clearly excited not one of them could speak.

Prince Simon was the eldest and took the superior role, he looked out the window and said I will be the first to go.

Prince Simon conjured up his nerve to open wide the door, stepped outside, turned around with a smile a mile wide and set off to explore.

Thirty seconds later he shouted out to Prince Jason and Princess Sophie to join him by his side, "I have an idea" he said to them both that the moon is made of cheese.

Prince Jason and Princess Sophie laughed so much they began to cough and wheeze.

"Made of cheese" they both declared "you really must be mad", but we must be sure they all said, so let's all set off to explore.

One by one they found a spot and pulled a chunk off in their hands, looking at each other daring to be first, "altogether" Prince Simon shouted with an enthusiastic burst.

"Cheddar" shouted Prince Simon, "Edam" shouted Princess Sophie, "Red Leicester" shouted Prince Jason, they looked at each other in disbelieve.

They could not fathom how they had all got their favourite cheese, so they moved around the moon, trying different spots, leaving behind them crater pots but that did not make them stop.

Half an hour later their tummies were full, having eaten every type of cheese you can name from Brie to Camembert, Wensleydale to Stilton.

Looking back the 3 space cadets could see what they'd done to the moon, "I think" said Prince Simon "we need to return soon to try to mend the moon".

But now it's time to go they all 3 agreed, we've been gone a long time and mummy will be worried.

They climbed into the rocket and took off all the clothes, set their destination to their home a million miles below.

As they approached their home, the roof opened and the rocket landed safely just in time for tea.

The children all stumbled out of the wardrobe and running through the doors found their mummy in the kitchen serving up their tea.

"Where have you been?" mummy asked, "I've been calling you 3, now you're here just in time for your very favourite tea - Macaroni Cheese!"

The children usually would have been delighted now all moaned and grumbled "Mummy" they sighed "we all have belly aches, can we please be denied our tea and just go straight to bed".  

We are sure that by the morning break we will no longer have our belly aches and tomorrow for our tea we would love Macaroni Cheese :)
2017/11/20 - Update
I am pleased to say that this story, beloved of our family for such a long time has been published today by
When I was about 10 yrs old I bought the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe book with a voucher I won at school. It was the first book I ever bought. My children were raised on all the books and films.
When my children were little I used to tell them this story at bedtime they would request it rather than a book.
When they got older I wrote the story up for them and bound it and gave it to them so they would have it for their children. I have converted the story to verse. It's a lot more difficult than I first thought and I am not entirely happy with it but happy enough to publish on HP and welcome the feedback from my fellow poets.  I will continue to work on it and will update it and republish it at a later date.
I have not plagiarised any words from the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, these words are my own and the children's names are my own too, although I am not a Queen :)
Jackie Mead Sep 2017
There was a fly who only had one eye.
He lived a simple life on the River wry.

One day the fly with only one eye began to cry.
I'm very lonely he said to himself, I feel as though I've been left on the shelf.

From out of nowhere an Elf appeared, an Elf who had only one ear.

Your not alone the Elf did shout, come on over let's hang out.

The Fly with one eye flapped his wings and said loudly so the Elf with one ear could hear,  I'm going to try to fly to the other side of the river wry.

The Elf with one ear said do not fear I'll be your eyes and you'll be my ears.

But half way across the Fly with one eye gave a big sigh and said  to the Elf with only one ear, I do fear that I will not finish the ride to the other side of the river wry.

Do not fear said the Elf with only one ear.  With my perfect eyes I can see that half way across in the middle of a bog on a log are a frog and bee, surely they will help me.

The Elf with only one ear shouted loudly to the frog and bee, can you please help me?

The frog and the bee shouted back "gladly".  But the Elf who only had one ear could not hear the reply from the middle of the river wry.

The Fly with one eye heard the reply and shouted as loudly as he could muster "the frog and bee have agreed gladly to help you and me"

The Elf with one ear was relieved to hear this and set about outlining his plan.

The Fly with one eye would flap his wings and start his trip across the river.

The frog would jump up and down on his lily pad and make a noise which sounded like ribbit, ribbit, the Fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear would use the frog for direction, tuning into it.

Once the Fly with one eye had passed the frog by the bee would set about buzzing loudly, the fly with one eye and the Elf with one ear would follow the buzzing to the edge of the river.

The plan worked the Fly with one eye gave a shout hip hip hip hooray.

The Elf with one ear gave three cheers and the frog and the bee clapped merrily.

Hooray said the Fly with only one Eye and the Elf with only one Ear, let's get all our friends together and bake a cake to celebrate.

The Fly with one eye looked at his friends and knew that life would never be quite the same now he could count on his new found friends, the Elf with one ear and the frog and the bee were like one big family.
For my grandchildren Tansy, Alfie and Roman.
3.3k · Sep 2018
What is Love?
Jackie Mead Sep 2018
How do you define love?
How do you begin?
Come with me on this journey and explore,
The emotion of love that we all truly adore,
The emotion that we all seek to receive,
The emotion that makes us weak at the knees.
An emotion that has been written about in Music, Stories, Poetry
An emotion we have captured in paint,
An emotion we long for to hold and cherish, let noone taint.

Songwriters have written lyrics, declaring their feelings of desire,
Different Genres, Ballads, Rock Anthems,Jazz, Rhythm andBlues,
Singing of love for cars, women and drink.

Singing of the Power of Love and who started the fire,
Singing of pain, hurt, unrequited love, betrayal too
Songs making us remember, desire and think.

Music so light and pretty,
Music that rises slowly to a high crescendo,
Music of passion, devotion, trust and loyalty.

Music that is dark and *****,
Music that takes you down low,
Music of betryal, mistrust and insanity.

Artists take to the brush to paint a picture clear,
Of women walking on a bridge parasol in hand,
Portraying feelings of lust, romanticism and fear,
Of lovers dancing on the beach leaving footprints in the sand.

Portraying their love of the beauty that surrounds, women and children with beguiling smiles,
Portraits that make you laugh, cry and stand still for a while.

Artists that capture the perfect smile,
Artists that capture that capture the love in the eyes,
Artists that capture that moment, once in a while,
Artists that capture that bond, those ties.

Poets create a picture with their words,
Bringing to mind lust and desire,
Writing of feelings that matter.
Making you cry, laugh, raising your emotions higher and higher,
Using words that describe, pain, and hurt,words that charm and flatter.

Poets that tell a story of hardship, friendship and survival,
Poets that make you laugh, cry and bring about revival.

Poets that write of emotions,
Poets that write of tenderness,
Poets that write of devotion,
Poets that write of togetherness.

Throughout the centuries we are bequiled by love,
How it hurts, how it heals,
The emotions love makes you feel.

How it is won, how it is lost.
Love at what price, what cost?

How we desire love from each other,
How we desire the love of our father and mother.

How love can raise you up and let you down,
How love can get a smile out of a frown.

How love can be your freedom and yet love can smother,
There is no medium that can capture all the different aspect of love for each other.

Love is unique,
Love can be bleak.

Love is scary,
Love can be weary.

Love is strength,
Love can be any time, any length.

Love is freedom,
Love can be your guiding beacon.

Each and everyone of us, feels love in someway
How do you recognise love? if love spoke to you, what would it say?
it's a bit long but what do you think?
2.8k · Sep 2018
Steel Drums
Jackie Mead Sep 2018
Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum.
Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum in the Carribean Sun.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat,
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums fast and strong,
Steel drums create a vibrant song.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums beating loud,
Steel drums, skills the locals play proud.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums vibrant rhthym,
Steel drums send you to heaven.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums make you sing
Steel drums let you know your feeling.

Steel Drums beat out the rhthym,
Steel Drums strike up the beat
Steel drums ring out loud in the Carribean heat.

Steel drums stir up the heat,
Steel drums make you feel alive in the Carribean heat.

Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum,
Drum, drum, drum, drum beats the Steel Drum in the Carribean Sun.
Jackie Mead Feb 2018
The Mouse with the house on the River Louse
Now has a family of 12 to feed
A husband and ten smaller mouths all reside with the Mouse in the house on the River Louse

One day the Mouse with the house on the River Louse went outdoors to explore with the intention to find something tasty and fine to feed them all

She walked to the edge of the grounds to the bank of the River Louse, where her friend the Frog, who didn't live in a house but lived on a log in the middle of a bog with his friend Bee, was waiting for his friend to serve her tea

The Frog and The Bee showed the Mouse with a House on the River Louse a table set fit for a Queen with fine China cups, saucers and plates and a tablecloth made of lace

The Mouse with a House on the River Louse was delighted and very excited as the Frog and The Bee said at half past three they would be joined for tea by a new neighbour Miss Molly

According to the Frog and Bee Miss Molly had just moved with her dog and cat, a dog named Mouse and Ferret the Cat

At half past three Miss Molly came to tea and brought with her muffins and cream
The Frog and The Bee brought scones and jam and the Mouse with the house on the River Louse brought some crackers and cheese

The children of the Mouse with a House on the River Louse joined their mother and Miss Molly, the Frog and The Bee the Cat named Ferret and the Dog named Mouse and quickly polished off the delicious tea

The children and the cat and dog all asked if they could play in the bog, the bog where the Frog lived in the middle on a log.

The Mouse with a House on the River Louse agreed and so did Miss Molly and the Frog and Bee

The children, the Cat and Dog all played happily in the middle of the bog

The children, the Cat and Dog found some sticks in the bottom of the bog and began to weave and make a raft, all they needed was a a Sail to catch the draft

One of the children squeeked with excitement  when they found a lily pad on the ground
Quickly the lily pad was hoisted atop and the raft completed and ready to sail in a hop

The children, Ferret the Cat and the Dog named Mouse were playing lovely outside the house, pushing the raft up and down as not a drop of wind was to be found
Then suddenly the wind changed direction and the northerly winds began to blow, they started really slow but the wind got faster and very strong
The children, Cat and Dog couldn't hold on for very long and suddenly they were being taken away from their safe play, being carried down stream and they all did scream

Just like that Dad came home and took out of his pocket a telephone
He called the coastguard to come quick, a raft had drifted and was headed for the slip, soon they would be in the ocean with the bigger ships

Aboard the raft 10 young mice, Ferret the Cat and a Dog named Mouse, all huddled together, to be less afraid, hoping someone would save the day

The coast guard turned up at the house and asked to speak to the Head Mouse
Mother and Father together they spoke, eager to save their children cut afloat on the boat

Then at half past four came a big roar the coastguards had saved the day, the raft had been caught and brought on board just before they got to the edge of the bay and sailed away to the bigger bay

The Mouse who had a House on the River Louse, Dad, Molly the Dolly and Frog and Bee all shouted ecstatically "Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and sending the men who saved the day and rescued our children from the mouth of the bay"

The Mouse who had a house on the River Louse counted the heads, toes and noses of the children to confirm they were all safe and then said their goodbyes and ushered them all safely inside
The 6th and possibly final chapter of the Mouse with a House on the River Louse
Once again an epic read so thank you to anyone who takes the time to read it
2.2k · Mar 2018
Which colour are you?
Jackie Mead Mar 2018
Are you Green the colour of envy and greed
Are you Blue the colour of depression and mood
Are you Red the colour of anger and wrath
Are you Pink the colour of friendship and love
Are you Yellow the colour of sunshine and joy
Are you Purple the colour of bravery and valor
Are you Brown the colour of mud and earth
Are you Black the colour of night
Are you White the colour of light  

Which colour are you best described
Which colour best describes your life
Are are you a mix of all above, a life filled with passion, desire and love.
Answers on a postcard please ☺
2.0k · Jul 2017
Jackie Mead Jul 2017
Today is a wonderful day
Curtains wide open, the sun out to play
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Full of vitality and life
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Children singing, out to play
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Birds flying, high in the sky
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Walking in the park, hearing dogs bark
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
The sun is out and families play
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
Everyone wants another day
Today is such a wonderful day

Today is a wonderful day
I am thankful for another day
Today is such a wonderful day
Life is short, live each day and be thankful for the small things in life
1.9k · Feb 2018
I am a Traveller
Jackie Mead Feb 2018
I am a Traveller on a journey with no beginning or end

I am a Traveller who seeks new experiences with Family and Friend

I am a Traveller who likes to write about what she sees, how I view the world of course is uniquely me

I am a Traveller and set my compass to my next destination, plan my trip from A to B leaving room for spontaneity

I am a Traveller seeking out what I know, historic places, jewels in the Crown, maybe stumble across some old parts of town

I am a Traveller who loves to meet locals, sitting at a bar or restaurant, friendly chit-chat reveals a hidden treasure I would surely have missed if not for the local gossip

I am a Traveller I travel by plane, car, train and sea, there is no limit to the places I wish to visit and see

I am a Traveller who records everything I do and see by Pen and Photography

I am a Traveller with my husband by my side, we will travel until we can travel no more

I am a Traveller until the day I die and one last trip to the cosmic sky
I just love travelling
1.8k · Apr 2018
Two Become One
Jackie Mead Apr 2018
Two Hearts, beat in time
Two Hearts, yours and mine
Two Bodies, step in time
Two Bodies, yours and mine
Two Souls, crying in time
Two Souls, yours and mine,
Two Minds, thinking in time
Two Minds, yours and mine

Two Lovers beautifully combine Heart, Body, Soul and Mind.
One beautiful package of  friendship respect and love.
Symbolised by the beautiful birds above, two white charming doves.
1.8k · Jan 2018
When the Sailor came to tea
Jackie Mead Jan 2018
We polished the brass door knocker
Swept the front door step
When the Sailor came to tea

We laid the table with our finest cloth
We set  the table with the prettiest fine bone china
When the Sailor came to tea

We served scones with jam and cream
We made sandwiches of all shapes and sizes
When the Sailor came to tea

We invited our relatives from afar
We invited our friends too
When the Sailor came to tea

We served Champagne with lots of fizz
We served Orange juice too
When the Sailor came to tea

We talked about interesting things of the day
We danced to, the beat of the latest music
When the Sailor came to tea

We felt the love in the room
We felt the love in our hearts
When the Sailor came to tea

I was delighted to be there
You see it had been 4 long years since  my brother the Sailor last came to tea
1.8k · Oct 2017
Gypsy John
Jackie Mead Oct 2017
Is back..
It gives you a smile a mile wide to see Gypsy John is back

Gypsy John with cart, horse and dog by his side
People call from far and wide to deliver parcels of food for Gypsy John and his crew.

Gypsy John sets up camp in the middle of the road, on what's called a roundabout.

Gypsy John is getting old and sits around a camp fire to warm his cold bones and cook his food.

Gypsy John does not like favours and takes his food begrudgingly, instead he will work all day for his pay, locals find him work indoors.

When one cold winter came, locals crowd funded to buy him a new cart, his horse was retired as very old, £12000 was raised to keep Gypsy John and his animals well.

Gypsy John comes with the change of season as summer turns to fall.
Gypsy John is a reminder and reason to us all to keep going work hard and live long.

Long live Gypsy John.
More a story than a poem, all true gypsy John is a legend around these parts and it warms your heart to see him every year.
Jackie Mead Apr 2018
Between me and you, the day the Monkeys went wild in the Zoo,
was the best day I can remember, let me recall what I saw, at the Zoo on my birthday when I had just turned Two.

My Mum and Dad had taken me for the day, I sat in my pram with the perfect view, for a small person who had just turned Two.

Then came a loud high pitch shriek, from the cage that the three striped Night Monkey lived within.

The Zoo went very quiet, as my Mum would say, you could hear someone drop a pin.

The three striped Night Monkey would sleep all day, come out at night, woke up with a sudden fright.

He began to shriek and began to call, then he rolled over and bashed the cage, he was suddenly in a terrible rage.

His shriek woke up others too, that would normally sleep by day, a Bat-eared Fox, Bandicoot and Badger all woke up about the same time as each other.

The Monkeys in the next cage in sympathy with their kind picked up their food dishes and banged their bars, they weren’t going to be left behind.

I started to laugh at the Monkeys in the Zoo, it all seemed very funny to a small person who was only just Two.

From what I remember of that day the Gorillas chimed in next, they picked the fruit up off the floor and started throwing it at people stood by their door.

The Gorillas too banged their chest and let out a loud roar, as if to say, three striped Night Monkey it’s okay, we’ve got you today.

I ducked my head as a banana flew by and nearly caught my Dad in the eye, he didn’t think it was quite as funny as I, I spat out my dummy and began to shout, “come on Monkeys what’s it all about”.

The Orangutan woke from his very deep sleep, in the middle of the day, he was older than the rest and liked a nap from time to time, to keep sprightly and sound of mind.

He rose up from the floor, standing seven-foot-tall, made his chest twenty feet wide, banged with his very huge paws and shouted with a very loud roarrrrrr
“alright everyone what’s the fuss, why have I been woken up from my mid-day nap, what’s the problem, what’s the mishap?”

The Gorilla turned to the Chimpanzee, shrugged his shoulder as if to say, “any idea what’s happening today?”

The Chimpanzee had no reply, turned to the Bandicoot, Badger and Bat-eared Fox, as if to say “I haven’t got a clue what’s happened here, what about you the Fox with Bat-Ears?”

The Badger, Bandicoot and Bat-eared Foxed all turned to the three striped Night Monkey and said, “what’s up Night Monkey, why the rage, why did you start bashing your cage?”

“mmmm,” said the Night Monkey slightly embarrassed, “it’s not like I was being harassed, it’s just I don’t like spiders and one was hanging from the ceiling, I woke up with a dreadful feeling, that it was going to fall – that’s why I started to call”

I began to laugh even more “fancy a Monkey being scared of a spider, I’m much younger and I’m not scared of a tiny creature”.

My Mum and Dad saw the funny side too and began to laugh at the antics of the Monkeys in the Zoo.

The Orangutan was feeling happier he could now go back to his nap and the three striped Night Monkey he did say, “he would try to be more considerate of smaller creatures, as long as they didn’t try to nest in his handsome features”.

The Zoo began to return to normal and people went on their way.
I will always treasure, and it will always remain, the best day ever, the day the Monkeys went wild in the Zoo.
as i write this i am reminded of a time a gorilla threw a banana out the bars at me, one visit.
1.7k · May 2018
I'm in no Rush
Jackie Mead May 2018
I'm not in a rush to leave this place.
I'm in no hurry, it's not a race.

I'd like to take it real slow.
So many stunning  places to go.

I want to travel far and wide.
See much more of the English countryside.

Beautiful beaches that surround us in Cornwall and Devon, remind us we live  in our own corner of Heaven.

Mystical places with tales of legends to tell.
So much to do and see, I'll do my best to make it sell.

Tintagel such a mystic place, where legend has it King Arthur had his chair.
He had a roundtable it held many Knights, all ready to defend, always ready for a fight.

In York a Viking museum to tell how they came upon our shores, with longboats, a 60 man crew, paddled with their oars.

Bath has the best Roman baths to be found, laze and spoil yourself in the steam rooms built in Roman surrounds.

In Wales, there's Snowdonia for you to climb, or the less active can take a train ride.
A castle in Caernarfon where Princes are appointed by H M The Queen, the sword on the shoulder duly declares arise HRH Prince of Wales, the crowd are waiting for the new Prince to be seen.

In Scotland there's Edinburgh with a castle tall and round sits atop a very high mound.
The lowlands and the Highlands are a sight of well known beauty, driving around the lochs at night keep your eyes open for a monstrous sight, nessie fact or fiction,

Of course there are the lakes of England too, Windermere the largest draws the biggest crowd. Find a cottage out of sight, snuggle up with a loved one, cuddle tight.
Put on your water skis, hire a boat, sail your wind surfing board, fire up your jet ski any of these activities can be fun and available to be done, daily.

The Cotswolds, for take your breath away beauty, small villages, luscious village greens, cricket playing in the field, Large Houses, Lord of the Manors, old worldly pubs, thatched pubs and rivers waiting to be seen.

There are Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor and Exmoor too, Peak District, Lake District mountain ranges, many a zoo.

I'm not in a rush to leave this place.
I'm in no hurry, it's not a race.

I'd like to take it real slow.
So many stunning  places to go.

So much to do, so much to see.
On your doorstep, no need to stray.
Whatever you do, wherever you go, have a happy holiday.
The sun is out, its a beautiful day and no other place I would rather be   I hope you enjoy and it doesn't sound too much like a travel board announcement.
1.5k · Jul 2018
Live a Life of Firsts
Jackie Mead Jul 2018
First you are born
Then everyone experiences the same firsts, just at different time bursts

Your first cuddle
Your first smile
Your first solid food
Your first tooth
Your first steps
Your first word
Your first shoes
Your first lullaby
Your first haircut

With your family you begin to create memorable firsts that last a lifetime.

Your first time holding a knife and fork
Your first visit to the park
Your first birthday
Your first visit to Father Christmas
Your first time riding a bike
Your first time going on a hike
Your first time roller skating
Your first time climbing a tree
Your first time grazing your knee
Your first holiday
Your first swimming lesson
Your first school
Your first exam
Your first cinema outing
Your first visit to the zoo
Your first ice cream

Next moving into your teens and the firsts that period brings, some of angst and fallen dreams.

Your first spot on your face
Your first period
Your first High Heel shoes
Your first boyfriend or girlfriend
Your first kiss
Your first broken heart
Your first day at High School
Your first crush on a Teacher
Your first forever friend
Your first day at College
Your first interview
Your first job
Your first driving lesson
Your first car

When you are older, if you are lucky, you find someone to share experiences with and your firsts become 1+1 = 2

When we first met
Our first date
Our first touch
Our first kiss
Our first dance
Our first song
Our first concert
Our first house
Our first child
Our first trip to the beach
Our first trip to the rugby
Our first trip to the speedway
Our first holiday at home
Our first holiday abroad
Our first ride on a train
Our first trip on an aeroplane
Our first car
Our first new car
Our first summer ball
Our first Winter ball
Our first trip to a museum
Our first grandchild

Looking for the firsts in life, will give you a life full of fun and surprise.
Reach for the first no matter what you do, keeping life interesting and new.
A life full of firsts will keep you young at heart.
Keep seeking out the firsts, until the day you depart.
1.4k · Mar 2018
Jackie Mead Mar 2018
Busy, busy, busy
Chatter, chatter, chatter
People catching up to date
They were out at the weekend on a date
It was so much fun, everyone rushing to relate

Busy, busy, busy
Chatter, chatter, chatter
It's Nobodys  favourite day
Is it because it's the furthest from the weekend
Or because it's the nearest to the weekend

Busy, busy, busy
Chatter, chatter, chatter
Work to live, Live to work
I know which I prefer
I'd prefer if Mondays were replaced with another day
That way I could stay home and play

Busy, busy, busy
Chatter, chatter, chatter
Now I work a Tuesday and it just isn't the same
I miss the Monday morning chatter by the kettle
Catching up after the game
You can't win, I found this little ditty on a pad in work, I hadn't written it up though. I often write in work when I need a distraction from spreadsheets
1.3k · Dec 2017
What Christmas means to me
Jackie Mead Dec 2017
At work Tinsel on the PC and lights scattered on the tree
Time off to spend with the family
Decorations throughout the house
Christmas Tree too big, needles dropping on the floor
Frantic last minute shopping for stocking gifts from the late night store
Wrapping presents, writing cards ready to send
Mince Pies and Mulled Wine drunk with friends
Laughter from the GrandChildren excited for the day
Elvis Christmas songs on in the car, set on loop to play
Presents opened in pjyjamas sitting on the floor
Lazy breakfast with the Kids, Grandchildren and more
Late meal on the day
Turkey, Pigs in Blanket, Roast Potatoes and veg, all the trimmings
Christmas Pud and Brandy Sauce
Turkey Stew and dumplings on Boxing Day
Meals shared with the family, everyone helping with the food, sharing the load and spreading the love as everyone should
Walks with the neighbours next door and anyone who wants to join in
Popping into the Pub for a welcome beer
Christmas Carols ringing out cheer
Board games out and playing begins, rules changing, shouting, laughing out loud, a bit of playful cheating can be heard
Wrapping up warmly with scarves, hats and gloves
snuggling up to the one that you love.

I love this time of the year - don't you?
I don't have young ones to put out milk and mince pies for Santa anymore, that gets done at their houses but I do love Christmas time, family gatherings, shared meals with family and friends, wrapping presents, writing cards the works
1.3k · Jul 2018
D Raven again
Jackie Mead Jul 2018
Hi D Raven here again
Remember me, I’m the Vampire people would love to slain.
But 500 years I’ve now had and 500 more I’m destined for.
I’m going to tell you a short tale but be warned it will make your face pale.
So before you turn the page, let me first check your worldly age?
You must of course be twenty one to be included in the fun.
Come children gather closely now, while I stand up and take a bow.
Let the story begin.......

One day whilst at home, cutting chicken off the bone.
In an effort to impress, a lady emporess.
It was getting rather late but after all this was considered a date.
The lady hearing of my good looks, made a phone call and the night was booked.

So here I am all alone, cutting chicken off the bone, when the lights begin to trigger and I hear a womanly voice snigger.
The woman’s voice then says all light and airy, "welcome to your bad fairy".
Thinking I had been set up and someone was playing a trick, again the lights began to flick.
I slowly crept about the room, searching for a weapon, I found a broom.
I waited for the lights to settle just then I heard the whistling of a kettle.
Distracted, I turned around then, I heard another sound, this time it came from the room above, from the Cote where I kept my Pet Dove.

I headed up the stairs steep, to where my Dove I did keep.
I found feathers on the ground, my Dove was nowhere to be found.
My heart was beating out of my chest, until I found my Dove I could not rest.

I ran a few ideas through my mind, trying to forge a plan to find, my Dove.

        MY DOVE, MY DOVE, MY PET  

I ran from room to room, searching high and low but still could not find the Dove that was on my mind.

Returning back to the Kitchen, I found the surfaces all covered in Lichen.
Someone had covered all the surfaces in bright green.
It was a mess like no other I had seen.

Then I heard a womanly giggle and ran towards the sound.
My feet began to slip and slide, I fell to the floor and slid right into the kitchen door.

The woman giggled once again and I wiggled on my belly towards the sound coming from the room with the tele.
What do you think I found?


Sitting on the remote control, turning channels nice and slow.
Hopping from foot to foot, laughing as he does, free from restraints of the Cote above.

What about the green slime, I hear you ask?

Well the Dove had tried a simple task of making some Jelly to eat before the tele.  
It ended up on the floor then I slipped and head butted the door.

I called the Lady Emporess and apologised to her but I had to break our date.
It simply was not within our fate to have this late night date.

Now I am running late for another date, I have a Kitchen to clean, a meal to make and an evening in front of the tele just me my Pet Dove, my best mate.

Well that's all folks for now, I bid you goodnight and take my bow.
1.3k · Jan 2018
The Party on the River Louse
Jackie Mead Jan 2018
The Frog and The Bee and the Mouse with the House lived together in peace and harmony on the River Louse.

One day the Mouse with the house did declare it was time that he moved out of there.

The Frog and The Bee did not agree and set about convincing the Mouse with the House that he needed to stay on the River Louse.

They sent out invitations to all around to attend tea at half past three.

The tea party was in honour of the Mouse with the house to be held on the banks of the River Louse and hosted by his dear friends The Frog and The Bee.

One by one each creature replied and the guest list rose quickly to Twenty Five.

The Frog and The Bee decided the tea would be civil indeed and The Frog made some scones and The Bee made some honey.

At half past one The Frog and The Bee set up some tables to lay out the tea.

At half past two the tables were laid with the scones from The Frog and The honey The Bee had made.

The scene did look grand, pots of tea and saucers of milk all laid on a tablecloth made of silk.

At half past three the guests started to arrive.
The first of the guests to arrive were The Elf with one ear and The Fly with one eye. The Mouse was delighted to see his friends, the ones who helped get Horse around the river bend.

Next came the Horse and his Master of course to thank the Mouse with the House on the River Louse for his friendship and help on the day that the Horse could not get around the river bend and the Mouse with the House, The Elf with one ear, The Fly with one eye, The Frog and The Bee all pulled together and worked merrily to assist the Horse round the river course.

One by one others did attend, there was a duck who lost his cluck but the Mouse with the House helped him every day until he could at last say "cluck cluck"

Next came a ****** who had forgotten how to weave but the Mouse with the House lay out the sticks until the Beavers memory began to tick and the ****** remembered how to weave.

Then came a beautiful Butterfly with bright red wings.  She told the Frog and The Bee that one day the Mouse had found her crying and sighing her wings had faded and she did not look grand a thing of beauty.  The Mouse ran back to his House and in his shed found a can that had Paint in Red on the side.  He took a brush and painted her wings and now the Butterfly all shiny and bright flapped her wings with all her might.

Last but not least the Mayor arrived with his glorious wife by his side.

Mayor and Mayoress Swan did agree that the Mouse with the House should not leave his friends of  The River Louse and they would indeed miss him dearly if he relocated his house.

The Mouse smiled embarrassingly and said "I am sorry he did declare, there's been a mix up, when I said" I must get out of there" it was only to the shops I intended to go but The Frog and The Bee moved too fast or I moved to slow"

The Frog and The Bee and all the guests were all delighted with the news and brought in some music supplied by "Five in a Pen" which of course were all mother Hens and they danced all night until the Moon went in and the Sun came out.

Then the Frog and The Bee said to their friend the Mouse "let's do this again next year, and Mouse can bake cake for the tea, our friends can attend and we'll dance all night to Five in a Pen and we'll eat scones and honey and cake too and we'll do this in honour of all our friends and those who live and work on the River bend"

I wrote this at 2am this morning when I couldn't sleep.
If you've read my other poems The Mouse with a House on the River Louise and The Frog and The Bee, these characters will be familiar to you and the poem will make sense.
I hope you enjoy.
1.3k · Feb 2018
Molly the Dolly and friends
Jackie Mead Feb 2018
Molly the Dolly lived in a house
With her two best friends
Ferret the Cat and a Dog named Mouse

The house was small but had enough rooms for Molly the Dolly to sweep with a broom

Two bedrooms, one for Molly and one for guests, Molly of course had the one that was best

A room to bathe amongst bubbles and foam, lay in warm water and revive weary bones

A room to lounge and put up your feet, in front of a real fire, giving out real heat

In this room Molly also entertained guests with cups of tea and slices of cake, muffins, scones and individual tray bakes

On a table by the fire was a chess set in miniature, each character resembling characters from Robin Hood
Maid Marion of course The White Queen beautiful and serene
Robin Hood The White King, robbing the rich and helping the poor made Robin Hood very good
Friar Tuck was a Bishop of course
King John on the other hand so horrid and mean, with a solid Black Heart, could only be The Black King

On rainy days Molly the Dolly would invite her friends in to play, you could never tell who would win, one bad move and the game would spin
One minute Molly would be winning the next "checkmate" would shout Holly Divine the girl from next door, "5-3 to me" she did shout, showing Molly how she was keeping score

Also in this room two smaller beds all soft and plush for Ferret the Cat and the Dog named Mouse
The beds were close to the fire to keep them both toasty and warm and next to Molly the Dolly's chair, so Molly could have them play on her lap when she raised her hand in a single clap

The last room of course was the Kitchen where Molly the Dolly spent most of her day cooking up batches of heavenly soup and baking scrumptious Pies that were full in the belly and good on the eyes

There was a Front Door to usher guests in and a Back Door to usher them out
The garden ran round and about the whole house outside and came equipped with swings and a slide, for fun of course, and a stable just the right size to house a miniature horse, a vegetable patch to grow veg for her soups and trees to bear fruit for the scrumptious pies

The garden went on and on it was so long you couldn't believe your eyes the garden was twice as long as it was wide

The garden ended where a river began and still the river was on Molly's land

On a hot day Molly the Dolly would put on a hat and slap on some sunscreen and  with Ferret the Cat and the Dog named Mouse they would exit the house and hop and skip to the river bank to play

Molly the Dolly would throw some sticks for the Dog named Mouse and small pretend mice for Ferret the Cat
Molly would take off her shoes and her socks  and her hat step in the water not too deep, drink something thirst quenching but not too sweet, keeping herself cool in this natural outdoor swimming pool

At the end of the day the three friends would return to the house inside dry their feet and clean their hands, eat some Pies and drink sweet tea then return to the lounge and settle in
Their favourite show on TV they didn't need anything else for the night just the friendship of these uniquely different three

So now I've introduce you to Molly the Dolly and a few of her friends, where they live and what they like to do.  
I hope you enjoy reading about them too as I delve into their lives and hopefully take you along for the ride.
Some new characters, another epic story, if you take the time to read a bug thank you and please let me know what you think
PS anyone remember miss molly had a Dolly who was sick, sick, sick, she called for the Dr to be quick, quick, quick etc etc, maybe loosely had that in mind when writing this
1.2k · Jun 2020
Jackie Mead Jun 2020
As I walk a meandering path
Through woodlands thoughts running through my mind.
This is my time,  to reflect, think, smile even laugh.
Halfway to home, down a small trail; I spy a circle of stones.
They appear to be hidden beneath a pile of leaves, under a big oak tree.
And I begin to wonder is this where a family of fairies live.

By day, you may not see them whilst you are walking.
The fairies keep themselves hidden from sight and you would not hear them talking.
But when the sun goes in and the moon comes out; myth has it the fairies play by the pale moon light.

I waited patiently until light turned to darkness.
I was rewarded as I witnessed the most spectacular show;
hidden from view, the fairies did not know.
Three fairies in total, all in sparkly fairy dresses;
their hair fell down their backs in long, tumbling tresses.
The fairies had glorious wings, painted the brightest of colours.
I heard them say their names were Darling, Petunia and Honour.
The eldest one I heard call Darling she had a beautiful voice; you should have heard her sing.
The fairy called Petunia was the pale faced beauty of Exetonia.
Finally, Honour appeared a tomboy with short hair and plenty of dirt on her.

All three of them were very tiny as one would expect.
Can you imagine if I told you they were no bigger than a *******?
I watched as they sat in a circle, legs crossed, whispering and giggling.
Then suddenly they clapped their heels,  flapped their wings, and took off to the skies.
The three fairies flew so high, suddenly to my eye they looked like three dragonflies.
They glided and swooped, they dived and hovered.
They flew under branches and over treetops.
They raced each other, 1,2,3 go.
Petunia I think was the youngest and she was quite slow.
The fairies continued flying until the moon went in and the sun came out.
Then they flew down to the ground and went back to their home.
Under the leaves, in a circle of stone.

Now when I am out walking.
And a dragonfly flutters by.
I wonder if this is really Darling, Petunia  or Honour.
I wonder if the fairies, knew that I had spied upon their manor.

The next time a dragonfly passes you by just give a little wave and say hi – you never know it may be one of the fairies or indeed all three.
On a walk in Woodlands  I saw a fairy garden and it got me thinking.
Hope you enjoy.
983 · Mar 2018
World book day 2018
Jackie Mead Mar 2018
World book day 2018
All the children in fancy dress
Mums and Dads competing to be the best
Imagination running wild some of the themes are they really for the child?
Gruffalos, tortoises, turtles and bears
George's Marvellous Medicine, BFG and Hares
Darth Vader makes a show, Harry Potter, Princesses too
How much paper, material and glue?
How much time for the parent to make?
There's reading homework, maths too, extra curricular clubs, trips to the zoo
Then there's evening meal and bathtime, all of this before 7oclock
Just a few minutes for the parent to take stock
Before cutting, crimping, glueing around the clock
But on the morning all is worthwhile when photos begin to show
Of smiling children in their suits and parents all aglow
Beaming with pride in their eyes as they walk their little Minchpin to the gate not even one second late

Happy World Book Day
World book day today all the parents in work go mad for dressing their children up as characters from a book, it's chaotic fun

Little did i know that the snow would come and this would be cancelled, all schools closed, so this will most probably happen next week now, at least all the preparation is done though :)
935 · Jul 2017
Jackie Mead Jul 2017
Don't know whether you are up or down, life is spinning you round and round.
Nothing makes any sense and you begin to feel quite tense.
When you feel life has dealt you a ***** hand look to your journal and start to plan.
You  need a plan to turn around and help your feet back to the ground.
Don't wait too long for you will see when you begin to plan you begin to BE.
So grab that journal, start to write, let all your thoughts roam free.
Let  your dreams and desires run over the page and you will start to see; a plan emerge, a plan to set you free.
A plan of hope, emerging from the page, a plan to take you forward into a different age.
A plan of joy as you evolve into the person you always wanted to be.
A plan that changes and evolves with your thoughts and ideas.
Planning costs you nothing, planning is for free.
Use your journal wisely my friend and live life happily.

Happy journaling.
I love health, fitness, meditation, journalling etc
928 · Sep 2017
Jackie Mead Sep 2017
What do they really mean?
Can they change the way you see your self?
When you look in the mirror and recite your chant, does it really have such an impact?
Does it make you stronger, help you find your way?
Do you need to rehearse internally what you should already say?
Do they help you clear you mind, stay on track?
Are they helping you find  your way back?
Who uses affirmations every day, their new to me I have to say but my PT says they are the way.
By talking in the mirror will it make me more confident in my work or as a poet?
I don't know if that's a fact but happy to have a daily chat, where the person I'm talking to doesn't talk back.
This is new to me but always willing to try new methods, I'm constantly looking to improve my self in all areas of my life - I'd love to know your experiences of daily affirmations
903 · Nov 2019
Heather, Moss.and Gorse
Jackie Mead Nov 2019
As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Enjoy the scene before you; rolling hills  of many colours
Take the time, pull in, step out of your motor
Breathe deeply, take time to just be
Admire the grazing sheep and ponies
Not a care in the world; roaming free


As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Let your mind roam free
Give yourself  time for a break; breathe in the clean air
Regenerate your mind become for just a moment become free without care


As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Take note of the palette of colours; Red, orange, yellow, green
Painting a most glorious rural landscape scene
Breathtaking in its simplicity
A million miles difference from the painting of a City


As  you drive across the Moors
Surrounded by Heather, Moss and Gorse
Most of all be thankful, of course
That some of our parks are protected from development and modern progress
Preserved for us all to see
To visit from time to time and just be free

Priceless,  anytime you can just switch off for 5mins is priceless.
I love dartmoor and a recent visit even though a short one and accompanied by my grandson was very invigorating.
897 · Sep 2017
Coffee Shop
Jackie Mead Sep 2017
Sat in Coffee shop, latte in my hand
Watching people queuing, time turning to sand.
The server takes your order, writes your name upon the cup.
The Barista makes your order, then serves it up.
The server calls your name over a microphone.
Chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows, flake bars and pretty stuff, adorning the top.  
Workmen in their high viz, ordering macchiato to go.
Watching the clock tick tock, tick tock, 15mins is all they've got.
Business women in sharp suits and heels, ordering double espresso.
Watching the clock tick tock, tick tock, 10mins is their lot.
Mothers and their children enjoying babycino.
Watching the clock tick tock, tick tock, waiting for the hour hand to reach the top.
I sit taking it easy, watching the world rush by hoping that something miraculous will catch my curious eye.
Something hot & steamy.
Something with a froth on top.
You never know what you may find in your local coffee shop.
889 · Mar 2019
The Hunter
Jackie Mead Mar 2019
A Lion called Leo, that’s his name.
Golden Fleece body and a head framed with a golden mane.
Leo is King of all he surveys.
As he stretches his body and basks in the rays, of the midday sun of the Savannah Plains.

Leo is the head of the pride.
The Alpha Male to the Lioness bride.
Father to seven newly born cubs.
He sits alone, camouflaged amongst the scrub.

Leo senses danger ahead.
He ****** up his ears and lifts his head.
Sensing trouble ahead, he sets loose a loud roar.
Scarring the Vultures, who overhead soar.

The Lioness hears the warning sound.
Gathers her cubs and ushers them to the ground.
Lion and Lioness, now working as a Team.
Lion and Lioness, one skilled fighting machine.

The Lion starts prowling, picking up pace.
Keeping himself hidden behind rushes, not leaving a trace.
The Lioness stands proud and alert.
Eager that no cub should get hurt.

The Lion continues hunting its prey.
Stealthily circling and closing in upon his catch.
The preyed will not see another day.
Leo uses his large claws to trap, ****** and dispatch.

Lion and Lioness, a winning team.
Nature’s, skilled fighting machine.
Not hunting for a thrill.
This is hunting for survival, **** or be killed.

The Lion returns to his place under the sun.
Once again basking in the rays.
His Lioness and cubs safe for another day.
Part of a nature project I'm working on in 2019.
855 · Apr 2018
A Ghost Love Story
Jackie Mead Apr 2018
There was a lady ghost, from the past.
Who liked to scare people, just for a blast.
She lived in a cottage by the sea and liked to frighten people, like you and me.
The lady ghost went by the initials LJG.
One day feeling brave, I decided to seek her out
Talk to her, see if she would reveal
What kept her at the cottage every day, why she would always scream and shout
See if I could encourage her to stop, see how she would feel if I decided to turn the wheel
I had a plan in mind, you see
To wait behind the bush in the garden, for the ghost to appear
Whilst waiting, I may crack open a beer
Then without warning I would run out, start waving my arms and scream and shout
Wailing loudly, I would say, “hello LJG and how are you today?”
The lady would stop and take a breath, then reply
“I’m peachy my friend why do you ask?”
“I’m here having my usual blast, what are you doing imitating me? I’m the ghost LJG, there is only
one and that’s not you, it’s me!”
To my surprise the Lady ghost did not appear, I waited all day and all night
I was getting very worried that she may have found somewhere else to cast her fright
I went back again the next day, and waited my time once more
I spent several hours feeling bored and decided to step out from the bush to explore
First, I decided I would run around the back, see if the ghost had left any tracks
I tiptoed sneakily, keeping in shade, so I would not cast a shadow on my parade
Nothing to show, nothing to see, I would change my tack
Go Indoors, sneak, creep, climb up the stairs, to see if other plans could be made
Upstairs I found a handkerchief, it had frayed at the edges and tear stains of love soaked into it
I put it in my pocket and started to walk away
When a very small voice asked “why are you taking away, my heart and soul of yesterday?
I halted, I did not expect the lady ghost to show herself
I was ready to give up, retire,
fade away, put my dreams back on the shelf
At last I thought, here was my chance, would she recognise I was once her forbidden romance
"Lovely Joy Golden it is me, look deeply into my eyes, tell me who you see?"
The lady ghost could not believe what she saw before her
Her first and only love, denied by her father
The one she cried for day and night, her pain causing passers-by such a terrible fright
" Pierre my love come set me free, we'll be together now for all eternity "
"No more crying for you my love, I can now be your Prince Charming and you my sweet love"
832 · Oct 2017
Strong Winds
Jackie Mead Oct 2017
The doors are wide open
The sky is blue
The wind is cold it cuts right through
I love the wind upon my face
It reminds me to embrace whats on its way
Who knows what will come
with every day

I love the wind blowing through the house
It sweeps the air and makes it pure
Pure crisp air for all to breathe
It’s done its job, it may now leave

It swirls and whirls and with it takes
Memories some new and some untold
But it never takes the old ones that are valuable to you
The wind leaves them behind for you to cherish once it’s gone

Who knew the wind could be so strong?
Sat at my table writing this morning, doors wide open, the sky is blue but the wind is a bit chilly, i do have all the windows in the house open too. i hope this weather holds off in time for my walk this afternoon, hopefully it will be a long one.
799 · Oct 2017
Money for nothing
Jackie Mead Oct 2017
The song and chicks for free but that doesn't mean much to me

Money for nothing, oh yes please
Give me lots of money and please don't tease
Can't wait for my numbers to be drawn to decide my fate
I'm sure a lot of you can relate
I will spend it recklessly until nothing is left
Bet it all on a three horse nag
Go shopping and buy the most expensive of bags
Buy a big 75inch TV with Netflix and Internet ready, so I can social media whilst flicking channels and ordering pizza
I would buy the latest iPhone, iPad too maybe even buy the children their own zoo.
I would purchase the most expensive labels for my head, coat and shoes
Maybe even purchase a company or two
I would buy land to build a home
Furnish the garden with garden gnomes
I would buy a star or two and name them Oskar and Ted
Buy my grandchildren all brand new beds
I would buy us all bikes so we could cycle for miles
Splash out on holidays that make us all smile.
I would give some money back to my City, spend some on street lighting at night its lit dimly.
I would give to my family so they can freely live
I would give to charity to help others children, babies and their mothers, brain tumors, cancer, lung disease and others too.
Oh how I wish for this dream to come true.
I know it's a famous Dire Straits song, it is also a line from Crime and Punishment that I'm reading at the moment and felt inspired when reading it to put pen to paper. Strange how three words can inspire a whole poem.
Just a little fun poem - How would you spend yours?
797 · Oct 2017
Park Bench
Jackie Mead Oct 2017
There is a Park Bench dedicated to a PT, died too young at the age of 33
The Bench sits overlooking the lake
Used by young and old alike to sit, relate and contemplate.

The young hold hands and kiss with lips and tongues
The old cuddle tight to warm up their bones
Parents sit with children on their knees
Dogs sit by their owners waiting patiently

At night the homeless take up post and repose, sleeping with their blankets pulled tight, leaving again by morning light
Budding authors taking over, sitting down to write
Hoping to be inspired watching the swans take flight

Who'd have thought a bench could offer such diversity
I'm sure the young PT would be pleased to see the park bench full of such activity
The Park Bench that is dedicated to a PT who died to early at the age of 33
783 · Aug 2017
Banksy The Man, The Myth
Jackie Mead Aug 2017
A man of mystery
A man of talent
A man who makes you think,
A man who makes you wonder what's right, what's wrong, when you thought you knew all along.
Is Banksy man or myth?

We know so little of this man who can paint with brush or spray can.
He remains hidden, unseen, unknown, a mystery.

Signing his Tag on bridges and walls,
Mocking figures of justice, highlighting the worthy cause.

His paintings are worth thousands of pounds, not all remain in tact, some get recovered and that's a fact.
Councils who do not like the message displayed, white them out in a matter of days.

None the less his fame has grown, his pictures displayed and shown in museums around the world.

Yet no one can put their hand on their heart and say I've known this man from the start.

That's why Banksy remains an enigma.
A man of mystery
A man of talent
A man who makes you think,
A man who makes you wonder what's right, what's wrong, when you thought you knew all along.
Is Banksy man or myth?

Anyone know?
I love street art and when on holiday in Amsterdam was very lucky to stumble across a Banksy and Dali exhibition, two very intriguing artists. Banksy is as good on canvas as he is on walls.
Jackie Mead May 2020
On the surface of the moon, high in the sky and far out of sight.
Lives a creature, in a crater, half in shade, half in light.
The creature has a snarky grin.
And that is where this story begins.
People find it hard to describe the creature they see.
“he’s tall” some say, others “he only comes up to my knee”.
Some say he has two legs; some say he has four.
Some say he has six legs; some say he has more.
Some say he has two eyes, a nose, two ears and a mouth.
Some say he is charming; others say his charms are leaving him, heading south.
But one thing that is known for sure.
Is the creature that lives on the moon is a frightful old boor.
He has no words, no small talk, chitter chatter.
He doesn’t pass the time with a friendly natter.
He slinks and slithers.
He glides and shivers.
A snake, I hear you cry but “no!”
This creature is not a snake, he's neither fast nor slow.
He lives on his own and seeks no crowds.
He shouts at you “turn the music down”, if it gets too loud.
Some say he's a dinosaur, one hundred years old.
Some say he's a young un with a heart of gold.
The creature that lives on the moon, is happy being one of a kind.
He's happy being himself and has no desire to be refined.
The creature that lives on the moon, is happy in his own skin.
Makes no difference to the creature, if he has no known kith or kin.
The creature that lives on the moon, makes no judgement of what you wear.
Makes no judgement of how you choose to style your hair.
That is why the creature that lives on the moon is welcome to attend his neighbour’s parties.
That is why they welcome him with arms open wide,  wholeheartedly.
The creature that lives on the moon is pleasant to them all, but he has no desire to be the star of the ball.
By preference, the creature sits alone in his chair, he does not speak, he does not stare.
He just enjoys the moment, living without a care.
He has no shackles; he is not bound.
The creature is content living life in his crater, he has no wish to be found.
The view he has before him of the planet below is a glorious sight.
A sight that waxes and wanes with the season, sometimes he is in the shade, sometimes eclipsed by the light.
A sight he adores and is grateful for.
A sight he is happy to be considered a “frightful old boor”.
When you see the moon in the sky at night.
Look for the creature, who lives in a crater, sometimes in shade and sometimes in light.
Give him a wave and say a prayer thankful he continues watching over the planet below from sunset to sunrise; from the time your head hits the pillow until the time you open your eyes.

Sweet dreams.

©Jacqueline Mead 2020
767 · Jul 2019
Haiku Style
Jackie Mead Jul 2019
Secreted behind these four walls
Palace under siege
Is it death or freedom for me?
to compliment Old Fashioned Sanctuary
746 · May 2019
Jackie Mead May 2019

Before me lies a vastness, it looks much like emptiness
Not within my Heart
Or Upon the ground
It is in the deep blue Indian Ocean, Tranquility is to be found

Noiseless, except for the hum of the boat
In the middle of the Indian Ocean, we float
Basking in the hot golden Sun
Watching Pods of Dolphins, leaping, playful having fun

Life cannot get much better for me
As I float in the middle of the Indian Ocean Sea
I believe I have found my peace, Tranquility
I've been on hols, the Maldives, such a wonderful place, lovely warm welcoming people a once in a lifetime vacation.
Swam with Sharks, Watched Dolphins at play, snorkelled two\three times a day it was like swimming in an Aquarium and did a trial dive.  It was truly inspiring and i have many more Poems to come hopefully.
I hope you enjoy this one
743 · Jul 2017
Eyes Wide Open
Jackie Mead Jul 2017
Eyes Wide Open, I stand and stare
Looking around, being there
What is that I do declare
It's a big wide world for all to share

Eyes Wide Open, I stand and stare
I am present whilst you are there
Do you see me when I see thee?
Do you stand and stare because I am there?

Eyes Wide Open, I stand and stare
You look like someone I used to know
Do I move forward or shall I go?
Shall I turn and say hello?

Eyes Wide Open, I stand and stare
Do I belong with you there?
Do I have a future here?
Shall I stay or should I fear?

Eyes Wide Open, I stand and stare
Looking around at all that's here
I'm glad I stayed and worked it out
I no longer fear what's about

Eyes Wide Open, I stand and stare
Looking around, being there
What is that I do declare
It's a big wide world I no longer fear
Jackie Mead Oct 2017
Well today I've had the grandchildren
Playing in my house
Really they've been as good as a mouse; theyve watched TV and played on the wii
Crawled all over the furniture and then crawled all over me
We've been out for dinner and closed the door, leaving behind the mess on the floor
We've walked to the park and watched swans running on the water
Laughed at the silliness at the sight of these birds
Talking about how they look in flight; they really do look absurd
Well now the day is done they've gone off to their home
All that's left is to clean up the mess, shouldn't take long; I'll call in the army to help me clear after all its a war zone surely they will see that it will take an army as well as you and me.
He! He! Love my grandkids but they ain't half messy but when they crawl on your lap and give you milky kisses all is forgiven
Jackie Mead Dec 2017
Mince Pies and Clotted Cream go together like a dream.
Like  Jelly and Ice Cream
Like Green and Red are Christmas colours
Like Crackers go off with a bang
Like Christmas lights all shiny and bright
Like Carols sung at midnight
Like children waiting excitedly to see whether they've been good or bad
Like every special Christmas you have ever had
Like Christmas Pudding with pennies inside
Like a shiny new bike taken for its first ride
Like train sets set up for hours of play
Like joy and excitement on Christmas Day.
686 · Aug 2018
Jackie Mead Aug 2018
L...oving arms,wrap me tight
O...pen them wide, let me step in
V...ery warm, a safe haven within
I...never want to be set free
N...ever want to let go, you own me
G...orgeous, heart body and soul
682 · Nov 2017
Sleep eludes me..
Jackie Mead Nov 2017
I don't know why
Counting sheep,... 1, 2, 3
That doesn't work, try the Art of Zen
I can't draw with a Pen, not sure why I thought I could be an Artist of Zen
Back to counting Sheep,... 8,9,10
That doesn't work yet again
Got myself a new fangled watch that tracks your sleep
Tells me last night I slept 8hrs, 5 light and 3 deep
Tonight I'm going to turn out my phone at half past nine, run a bath, meditate maybe even drink some wine
I'll do anything legal to catch those zzzz's
They won't beat me He! He! He!
Just a bit of fun
Jackie Mead Sep 2017
There was a little mouse and he had a little house.

The little mouse lived in the little house in the little village on the river louse.

In the little village on the river louse with the little mouse, lived a little frog.

The little frog lived on a little log in the middle of a bog on the river louse and was friends with the little mouse.

The little frog who lived on the little log in the middle of a bog  on the river louse had another little friend, a bee.

The little bee buzzed from tree to tree, floating merrily from flower to flower, flowers that surrounded the little house occupied by the little mouse on the river louse.

One day the mouse, the frog and the bee got together for afternoon tea.

They met at the house of the little mouse on the river louse at a quarter to three.

The mouse brought some cheese, the frog brought the tea's and the bee brought the honey and they all Sat around a table in the mouse's little house on the river louse.

The Mouse, the frog and the bee declared themselves friends for all eternity in the mouses little house on the river louse.

At a quarter to four, they all went to the door and the Mouse said goodbye to his friends.  

The frog went back to sit on his log in the middle of the bog and the bee continued floating from tree to tree.

The mouse did the dishes and then rested his little head on his little bed, in his little house on the river louse.
Just a bit of fun, my dad would have loved this, it's his type of humour.
677 · Jul 2017
Jackie Mead Jul 2017
I run because I can
I run because that's who I am

I run when it is late
I run to decide my fate

I run through wind and rain
I run no pain no gain

I run to set me free
I run because it is me

I run.
I came to running 5 yrs ago at the age of 50, I found I preferred it to the gym.
660 · Sep 2017
Jackie Mead Sep 2017
Autumn, I love this time of year
Not quite Winter and still some sunny days
But the leaves they are a turning
Changing colours from green to red, yellow and brown
Trees shredding their leaves all about you on the ground
Autumn, I love this time year
I have always wanted to see fall in New England I imagine it is stunning, one day i will get there
Jackie Mead Jul 2018
A Ghostly tale
Of a Girly Ghost
Who lived in a house where once her Mother would host,
the most wonderful parties you would ever find.
The table decorations and chandeliers would blow your mind.
She invited people of a higher class, fed them shrimp on a plate and champagne in a glass.
They would dance in each other's arms, to a 3 piece band and all their charms.
The party would start at half past eight and run into the night until very late.
Everyone wanted a ticket to this ball, they would pay the full cost of the ticket, and barter to pay more.
It was elegant and a bit of a bore, but the Ghostly Girl would have loved one more.
The girl was just sixteen and her Mum used to say she was too young to join in, send her on her way, to her room.  
The Ghostly Girl did recall, a time she was in her room one of these nights when a very loud noise gave her such a fright.
She rose up from her bed and decided to explore.
She was on the landing looking down when,
she saw several persons dressed as a clown,
Moving around where they shouldn't have been,
unaware they had been seen.
The clowns were getting drunk, being raucous, having a laugh.
They were spinning on the dance floor, falling to the ground.
Not caring for a minute if anyone was around.
They were telling jokes and poking fun, spraying water with a plastic gun.
They had on bright colour clothes and makeup on their faces.
Their shoes were 7 feet long and done up with bright coloured laces.
They were light and cheery and lots of fun.
They saw the girl and invited her to join in, took her arm and gave her a spin.
The girl threw back her head and laughed and laughed, she was feeling light, heady and giddy dancing to Duran Duran and P Diddy.
She tasted hot dogs in a bun, sprayed water from the plastic gun, danced upon the wooden floor.
It was everything she wanted and so much more.
The clowns, just before midnight sent her on her way.
Back in the present, she was wondering if her Mum had thrown a party recently and how it went.
She was a Girly Ghost it was no use to pretend.
The Girly Ghost would always be sixteen, always remain,
with blonde hair and lean.
She would always remain a child at heart and would miss her Mum's party's for evermore, looking down at them made her feel glum.
Hovering over the bed that once was hers, she remembered again the time with the Clowns, glad she had that memory too.
Forever she would miss her Mum and Dad, thinking of them made her sad, thinking of the Clowns made the pain go away, at least until the next day.
Little did the Ghostly Girl know her Mum and Dad were unable to stay in the house the Girl lived and moved away.
The Ghostly Girl continued to roam the old house night and day waiting for someone familiar to come her way, one day she knew they would all be reunited and the parties then would make her delighted.
To be back in the arms of her Mum and Dad she would be happy,  no longer be sad.
For now, though she roams, alone in the house, only kept company by some spiders and a mouse.
Just a bit of fun
647 · Apr 2019
New Brood on the Block
Jackie Mead Apr 2019
Vampires gathered in a Brood
One large group, up to no good
The most bad *** kids in the neighbourhood

The Vamps wear their, hair faces and clothes the same
White pallid faces, all colour drained
Against dark tailored suits of silky cloth
Their hair dark and long, the look they favoured was one of a Goth

The brood smoked cigarettes without a care
And the total look was one of flare
Blue Suede shoes upon their feet, with the Devil inside them made the look complete

When the clock struck midnight, they would all gather
Drinking, singing, shouting, it did not matter
Together they were going to Hell down below
To where the Devil would sell them some poor persons soul

They would hand over the price they had to pay
30 silver dollars would save the day
Then off to their lair, they would track
With the poor person they had bought, upon their backs

First, they would play a little game
Teasing the poor person with a burning flame
The Vamps, they had no shame
And did not need to know the poor person’s name

Next, they would eat a rather large meal
Whilst the person remained tied and at their heels
Knowing that soon their fate would be revealed

Lastly, they would stand the poor person upright
Bind their hands to a post, ensure they were bound tight
Then each of the Vampires would take their turn
To drink the blood from the poor person and feel the burn

As the blood poured down the back of their throats
Their eyes would roll, and they began to float
Such a pleasant lovely high feeling
They didn’t notice the poor persons soul leaving

This time the Vampires had won their game
No stakes, crosses or garlic to slay them and bring their families shame
They continued to feed on the warm blood
Until the sun began to rise, and the light began to flood

Now it was time for bed, the Vampires all retreated
To their coffins in the basement where they would lie
For now, they remain without worries and undefeated

They would use the time to regenerate, regroup
Tomorrow would bring the same
They would group together in a brood and follow the flame
a late night tale for all you vampire fans
639 · Jul 2018
Memory Lane
Jackie Mead Jul 2018
I wander down memory lane
Crossing corn fields, climbing over farm gates
Meandering through cobbled streets
Golden sandals on my feet
Tanned skin glowing, oh so brown
Smiling, laughing never a frown

I wander down memory lane
Swimming in blue sea, climbing rocks,
surfing in the choppy sea
I have a feeling of being young and carefree
Holding hands with my love, hands fit together like one soft glove

I wander down memory lane
Christmas tree standing tall, dropping needles on the floor
Mulled wine warming on the stove
Christmas tunes playing on the radio
Wrapping presents for the children, while they sleep
Presents wrapped, stored safely away from their keep

I wander down memory lane
This time a road trip to foreign lands
Car packed full to the brim, clothes, games, buckets and spades
Walking along glitzy promenades
Dip our toes in the warm ocean, walk on golden sands
Play mini golf, ride on a big dipper, have a late supper, go to the circus, catch a band

I wander down memory lane
To March and an usually warm sunny day
My wonderful Dad by my side, i step out the car a smile a mile wide
Todays the day I say i do for the rest of my days
It all goes by so quickly and in a bit of a fuzzy warm haze

I wander down memory lane
Full of wonderful memories and happy days
I wander down memory lane
Just for a while
The memories i recall making me smile
Its lovely to wander even just for a while
2 years on Thursday i lost my Dad, the weekend has been about remembering such happy times.
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