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Debbie Brindley Oct 2018
Strong and free
Warrior is she
Goddess with heart
She'll stand beside you
from the start
Her heart beats for you
the one she holds true
True love runs through her veins
She'll fight for you
through sunshine and rain
Give rise to her call
She'll not let you fall
Warrior staunch is she
This warrior
she is me
Being my husbands carer
Debbie Brindley Sep 2018
Let me pretend our life is normal
there's no illness here
as I lay beneath the covers

With you
My dear

Under the covers
on a chilled mornings day
Outside beyond our window
children are at play
Freshly brewed coffee
drifting in on the air

As we lay
beneath the covers
without a care

Spring flowers bloom
their perfume
dancing in on the breeze
Hear the Kookaburras laughing
outside in the trees
Dogs bark in the distance
a few streets away

But under the covers
nice and cosy
is where we shall stay

Till it's time to get started
on our day ahead
But for now I'm quite content
under the covers with you
in our bed
Pretending  life is  normal
Debbie Brindley Sep 2018
Forgotten memories
passion and lust
Shattered shards of broken hearts
crumble to dust
Dust drifts gently through the
ghosts of yesterdays

Caressing stars
along the way so
bright and clear
  Sep 2018 Debbie Brindley
Edmund black
Everything in my life
Falling apart
everything in my life
pulling itself together
The truth is
life breaks everyone
life breaks everything
I choose positive thoughts
I choose adaptability
I choose compassion
I choose gratitude
I choose love
I choose humility
I choose courage
I choose to keep moving forward
I choose to create a beautiful life
within the ugliness of it all
I choose to reach inside myself
and ignite a fire that will burn
And at the end of it all
I know I will emerge victorious
within those broken places
Debbie Brindley Sep 2018
Sad heart
spilleth over
with tears wept
Muffled murmurs
of secrets kept

Arms embrace
holding tight
In the darkness of night

Unshed tears
locked away
Troubled fears know in play
Silent secrets
forever unknown
Year upon year
time has flown

Darkness is me
for now in this moment
I don't know
who to be
Hard times
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