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Trieste Bergerac Aug 2019
Alice, Emily; rivals by design.
Pushy parents; competitive coaches.
The choice never theirs,
Neither thought to question.

They started young;
Pre-teens, good girls.
Sport to keep it this way,
So parents hoped...

Victory always their aim.
Driven by fear;
Fear of not pleasing,
Of being second best.

Teens came, both changed.
Girls became women.
Emily - black pigtails turned bob,
Alice’s auburn curls, bobbed too.

August, hot and sticky.
A tournament played every year;
Since eleven, now twenty five.
All move to memories.

Their last game.
It ended today.
Tennis, rivalry, connection.
Preparing for change.

Relief and sadness.
Excitement and fear.
A moment always to come,
Neither knew when or why.

Emily’s why - adventure, freedom,
Escape - a new land.
Alice’s very different,
Motherhood, alone, unexpected.

Alice reached over the net,
Emily inhaled, the flame danced.
A moment paused.
Reflection on paths to be taken.

Today was different.
Play enjoyed.
No catch,
Their last match.
Trieste Bergerac Jun 2016
Do we exploit, destroy;
The earth is not our toy.
So little respect,
Everything for our joy.
Trieste Bergerac Jun 2016
Exposed, stripped bare;
Why do I care?

Years and years,
So few tears.

Protect and preserve,
Never had the nerve
To feel pain;
What was there to gain?

Frightening, why would you?
Open up to what is true.

Unwelcome reality,
The way to sanity.
Trieste Bergerac Feb 2015
Don't we all...
Need to belong?
To somewhere, some place,
It's what makes us strong.

Alone, so alone,
It's not how it should be;
We stifle ourselves
With the reality of ME.

Patience, understanding
Tolerance and grace
Is what we all need though 
To earn our place.
Belonging has strings attached and we shouldn't forget this.
Trieste Bergerac Jul 2014
Cutting through to my core,
What will you find?
My heart will be open
But will my mind?

Layer upon layer
Will you find my essence?
I am hiding from you
Are you in awe of my presence?

Strip away my colours
Am I still inticing?
Appearances are deceptive
Do you love me only for my icing?
Trieste Bergerac Jun 2014
We all have a passion,
Search your soul.
It is there for your finding;
It will make you feel whole.

You may find it in work,
Or find it at play.
Combine these two;
Days will cease to be grey.

It might seem hard;
Welcome to life.
Your destiny is yours,
Opportunities are rife.

Make this your goal,
Be brave, be strong.
The power is yours;
Compose your own song.
Work takes up so much of our is not possible for everyone to love what they do but worth reflecting on :-)
Trieste Bergerac Jun 2014
Day slides into dark;
The stars show their light.
Their beauty, their magic,
Showcased in the night. 

A vast dark expanse
Where diamonds appear,
Each night they delight us;
Bright, true, sparkling, clear.

Surely nothing surpasses,
The beauty you see.
The very best thing;
This spectacle is free.
I love the night is so amazing, calming and beautiful.
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