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Tina Salvatore Apr 2018
is this reality
am I real
the questions that ponder my mind
they are made of steel

I am confused
when these thoughts come to mind
I become truly blind

I cant help but wonder

When will these thoughts become concur and
e n d
I hate thinking that these people I know
can get inside my head
my thoughts are mine but sometimes I feel like people peer
cant they just disappear
Tina Salvatore Apr 2018
emotions are the center of every attraction
some pull you back while others take you out

sadness takes you in and out and can never be controlled

takes you out
controlling you
it feels as if it will never perish

happiness is short
can last for a lifetime if you use it wisely

being scared
maybe for the future
the present
the past
it pulls you back
hoping to take you down

there are many emotions that cant be described
you can try but it will never truly be right
these basic emotions split into parts
some can help some you cant stop
I made this in like two minutes because I wanted to try free verse poetry
Tina Salvatore Apr 2018
The air smelled of strong perfume
The sky was lit with coral hues
The babies mouth was lit with a smile
Although it didn't last for a while

The sound of crying filled the air
The ocean breeze was abound with despair
The coral skies suddenly turned azure
And the night that was coming
wasn't very far
In Literature we learned about color poems so I made this poem in honor
Tina Salvatore Mar 2018
I only obtained two harsh-grating flowers
If only I could find some that weren't so sour

One that if I lose
it would not hurt
One that if I keep
they would not leave

The flower I want will want me back
It will always stay pure and will not crack
I won't be left crying whenever they vanish
Cause this flower will never punish

I won't be fooled into thinking a ripped flower is pure
because that happened once and now I'm sure
when I find it it will be nice
one that doesn't come with a price

The thing that I always forget
is that a flower can only be pure for so long
It eventually rottens and breaks
and it is something I can't embrace

A flower eventually dies
and nothing will change that
This is my first poem so don't judge

— The End —