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 Jul 2020 rhea
John Destalo
 Jul 2020 rhea
John Destalo
a brush on a drum
it is not a beat

it is the sound
of movement

of wind and

it does not wait
but it wants to

be caught it
wants to belong

where it belongs
in a bigger picture

it wants a place
in your story

it wants to be
the connection

that creates
your meaning
 May 2020 rhea
LB Parker
 May 2020 rhea
LB Parker
We were children
Playing with I love you’s
Like a box of matches

Stolen from the top shelf
Look at it all now
We’ve burnt the house down
Love always,
 May 2020 rhea
It's 2:00 AM
but I am wide awake
Thinking of
the right colors
to paint
on my empty canvas
has been my refuge
It has been
my outlet for creativity,
my outlet for happiness
and my outlet for sadness
It gives me great pleasure
to look for
the right words to say
It is
the manifestation
of my artistry
 Apr 2020 rhea
Seeing her smile completes my day
Giving color to rhymes I say
Looking back to the time I first saw your face
Nothing else mattered, I was in outer space
 Apr 2020 rhea
 Apr 2020 rhea
The pain
of the past
had made me
so numb
that I fear
I won't know
the feeling
of being loved
 Apr 2020 rhea
I live this life without you and it hurts so much
I would give up everything to have one last touch
The devil devoured me by the darkness of hatred
I look into the mirror the monster it created
 Apr 2020 rhea
Safety Catch
 Apr 2020 rhea
He looked better in a mask than I did without.
‘The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering changing its guidance on whether people should wear face masks in public, prompted by new evidence that suggests doing so could help contain the pandemic.’
- Hannah Devlin and Denis Campbell

Looking through my drafts I found this micro - an unusable remnant from a longer piece about keeping up appearances. A word written without a second thought to connote pretence or disguise, now gives me reason to pause. To mask, or not to mask, that is the question. :§
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