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 Nov 2017 Book Thief
Who is actually legit
Who pretends to fits in
Have you challenged
The authorities
Have you given
Into sin
Have you stuck
To the high road
Proven to be a light
Bared the soul
Bled the fool
Have you given
All your might?

Have you hidden
The darkest part of you
Never mentioning wounds nor plight
Do you write behind
The eyes of shame
And shiver through your night
Do you wear a face
Of happy eye's
Taking comfort
Below your foolish pride  
Would it matter to you
If I were
The Devil in disguise
Traveler Tim
Yes, I am a dark Poet
I don't sleep with the light on...
 Nov 2017 Book Thief
Akira Chinen
Tell me what does your heart see
when you say love
what do your dreams make
of this thing we call life
where are we going
where have we been
it’s not a matter of how long
but how well we have lived
what good is tomorrow
without doing something today
but an endless repetitive
reproduction of doing nothing
again and again
and time wasted is wasted
unless it is wasted wisely
with laughter and heartache
and whiskey and tears
and the kindness of strangers
tell me what does your heart say
lets build a better tomorrow
by starting something today
 Nov 2017 Book Thief
"You're like the sunset" I said to her

"Why?" she answered.

I stared to the sunset while saying,

"Sunsets are beautiful. Everyone loves it even though they can only stare or look at it. But nobody owns them. Nobody can own them."

"Just like you" I said quietly as if she won't hear it.
 Nov 2017 Book Thief
 Nov 2017 Book Thief
now when I think of love I want to puke,
the thought literally makes me sick to my stomach because I know now what it does to a person

how you lose yourself in someone else and then all of sudden you can't breathe anymore without them

I am promising myself to never be that stretched again,
to give myself a try for once, relying only on my intuition and will to power through life and relationships, never getting too blind to see things as they really are

I wanna know what it's like to be so good alone that the earth shatters when I take a step,
electricity radiates from my skin and my soul is so loud it shouts through my eyes
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