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Apr 2019
The man I'll one day meet
won't be handsome, at least not to you
if he were an apple on a shelf,
he'd be the last one you'd choose,
bruised on the outside, yes
but that makes the inside sweeter
the one no one wanted
the middle of a 5 seater

The man I'll one day meet
I can see him when I sleep
sometimes will get coffee
and he'll ask me...
about me,
like he cares, like he's there
like even if I haven't met him yet
we're not wasting time

The man I'll one day meet
will make it all worth
all the heartbreak, all the anger
all the sadness, all the misplaced joy
The man I'll one day meet
is somewhere, right now,
thinking about me.
And I can't wait to tell him I'm doing the same
Written by
Tark Wain
     April, Aubrey and Carmen Jane
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