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The silver gray monolith floated on the air getting its bearings
After an hour they located their position
Then they started their engines and climbed higher
Big diesel engines taking the Zeppelin higher
Out of range of ground guns and flimsy British planes
Which were slow and antiquated death traps
They found their target and bombed at will
Killing innocent English civilians in their beds at night
The victims in a new chapter of warfare
Death from the night sky utterly without warning
The English had nothing like this
No terror bomber weapon to strike at night
Hitting the enemy at will with high explosives
Raid after raid got through month after month
But Britain endured and absorbed the blows
Science provided the answer to halt the menace
New aeroplanes were made with high performance
Being fast high climbers to catch the Zeps
Then bringing their guns and small bombs to bear
New tracer and incendiary bullets ignited the gas
The six hundred foot airships burnt like candles
Incinerating their crews alive for they had no ‘chutes
England was now safe from the marauding Germans
At least till the bombing planes came
Then the game started all over again...
Roman B Sep 2018
Believe in love
When the stars aren't aligned
When the dreams aren't fulfilled

Believe in love
When there isn't a response
When the letters aren't sent

Believe in happiness
and Hers

Believe in a chance
That it can happen all over again
That we can walk in the mud
All over again
I'm not far, just let me know when you are close.

— The End —