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Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
I've lost my moon somewhere
in the crevass of my pocket.
I realized only when I looked up
Feeling that something wasn't right.
I reached my hand in my pocket,
Finding my keys, my wallet,
Everything but you.

I've lost my moon somewhere
in the crevass of my pocket.
My fingers roaming through lint stars
& loose string galaxies.
I lost my moon checking every pocket
on my jeans.
The lint stars all out of orbit.
I reached my hand in my pocket.
Finding my keys, my wallet,
everything but you

The only thing that makes my night
that much brighter
Inspired by YourQuote's Star Gazer.
Original piece did not have a title

They loved the inspired piece that I written and okay'd to post.

It was really fun to write
Tommy Randell May 2019
I found the rainbow
That of all my souvenirs of you was the best
But I never found the gold

You found the shy man in me
Did you wonder when I left
Why you never woke the bold?

Next time don't wait for sunshine
Passion and fun is not a test
Love is not on a thermostat to be controlled
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
Since I saw you,
I've had this hope live in me.
That everything that isn't needed be gone.
The details of sales papers, shopping carts.
The ease of temptation.
Standing still.
To fill my cart full of things I don't need.
Coffee rings, free samples.
The debris of reality.
Strings and paper slings around baked goods.
Shopping around facedown.
Pushing the cart row after row.
The things on sale.
The pings of the register.
Splints that aren't necessarily the object we've come face to face with.
Jamaican ***.
Our fingerprints used in vain
The residue from coffee pots and things we've touched.
Bottled, sealed tight.
Fresh water springs.
Still we pursue.
I pursue.
Your carefree sensibility.
I've walked every row in search.
Where have you gone,
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
Above all monsters that linger in the dark.
Love is one that can take many shapes and forms.
A tug of the bed spread or the seal of closet doors.
No matter how tight they are pressed.
Still it finds a way to seep through.
Waiting to take you by the arm the very moment your eyes start to close.
Reminding you of that one thought you keep suppressed of all things.
Keeping you awake for just a moment longer.
Eyes that long for a deep sleep.
Peering over a sea of fabric.
The ***** of an arrow digging into an unexpected feeling.
Climbing from beneath the bed or the crack of the closet.

Reminding you of the thing you somewhat regret. With the one person you can't seem to stop thinking about.
That cupid, appearing with a sly grin.
Dressed as the boogie man, blending into shadows, dark red loafers.
Just as your moseying off to sleep.
There he stands, squaring his shoulders.
Remembering all the late night trips you took to the fridge.
Who would have took cupid as a gymnast. Hiding here or there.
Or a health nut that despises anything outside of strawberry hearts
Kewayne Wadley May 2016
Soon as cupid closed his eyes and released his bow,
I immediately knew your face from my dreams.
The girl whose face I could never see,
You were always so quick to leave,
I'd pretend to hate you if it were true.
Just before I open my eyes the stars disappear only to reappear when I close them.
I slouch deeper in the couch awaiting your presence.
A chance to reciprocate just how I feel.
Forgiving you for not showing up a second sooner.
A hummus of white pastures
Devoted to the hunger of the sun,
Devouring everything in sight.
An maybe that invites the utopia of your thought,
Stung by an fleeting arrow, strung by the oasis of an longing heart.
Wondering aimlessly; an clear day
Without a single cloud to be found.
These are the times I think of you.
The horizon of my world.
The clouds move, curious in nature.
Beneath the pain of ribs struck by a fleeting arrow
You are there, the throbbing sensation that pulsates through my veins.
I miss you without having to look down,
I am neither naive nor stupid.
With quiet vocals
I deeply long for you on cloudy days
I deeply long for you now.
My enigmatic arrow
Migrate back to my side
Emma Lee Feb 2016
What do you look for?
What do you seek?
What you need, Let me read loud and clear
Listen well, my dear

A dash of a smile
All awhile
The warmth of a hug
There aren’t you snug?

Maybe a kiss
More of this bliss!
So just in time
Sing like a chime

But will this work?
You may ask
There may be a little perk

But you cannot acquire
Cannot require
This one true desire

It sings like charm
It makes us all warm
But it hides
Yet it’s wide

All around us
Can’t you see the glow?  
For you must trust
me ∨ you just don’t know

— The End —