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Alexander T Sep 2018
in life there is this thing called death
but what if death
just dissipated
went away

what would I do

would I talk
would I eat
would I care,
okay, thats not a good question
I would always care

but seriously
what would I do
would I even need to write poetry

I do everything now because I know I will die someday
just like I love my girlfriend now
I want to make sure she has an amazing life
and she makes my life amazing

would we even be able to call it life
if there was no death

how would I wrap things up
would I even be able to?
would this just continue on forever

I know that if I couldnt die
I would jump off a bridge or two
hang a couple of times
go into space with no gear
I would do anything

I would be more selfish...

maybe I would be different
but what if im just the same

then would that bridge be so available
because I know its not quite an option now
I cant do that

would I do anything like I do now?

So, what if?
What would I do?
A topic that I am exploring a little in poetry club.

— The End —