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Steele Feb 2015
I started smoking because you said it made me look ****;
the grey smoke, you said, brought out the green in my eyes.
We took a fireball with whiskey and called it sane,
you kissed smoke into my mouth and addiction into my veins,
but at the end of the night...
that was okay.
Because smoking made me look ****, at least in your eyes;
Because I was drunk anyway, on your lips and your thighs.

I told you take a puff because I wanted our hearts to entwine;
Does that make me such a bad girl? Is it such a terrible crime
to want to make you addicted to something... anything of mine.
You smiled reason back into my life and purpose into my mind;
but at the end of the night...
it wasn't enough.

Because your smile was too sad,
and I needed you to share in my tongue tied joy.
Because your reason was too mad,
and I wanted so bad for my own that naive green eyed boy.

So, I started smoking and drinking for a girl. Is that so wrong?
*So, I stopped him looking and thinking. Took his heart for a twirl.

Is that so wrong?

— The End —