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ThatBrokenOne Jan 19
In times of need
In times of hopelessness

I need help
I need a song to guide

Just hearing it
Just seeing someone sing it

Someone believing it
Someone saying it

It helps
It gives strength

It helps to know
It helps to keep going

Just to know there must be something
Just to know I am not alone despite from what I feel

We are not alone
We are together in this same **** hole

Alone is not something we do
Alone is not something we think

Because we are together one
Because we are one together
You should check this song out, it is so great and it helps me from time to time with my depression. I just wanted to share this song with you guess because it really helps me in times of needs, and I don't want to take that from you.
Christina Dec 2014
There is a cacophony of verbal combustion;
Self esteem destruction,
Religions, opinions, forced down left and right,
Leaves one with such distress,
That sometimes we forget to breathe.


So breathe with me.
Breathe with me.

— The End —