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Donna Apr 14
Yay it’s lunch time..yes
Maltesers , Crisps , Diet Coke
Not good but feels good

We all get these days :-)) perfectly Yums x
AD Snail May 2017
I have told everyone about those strange miss-matched shapes,
That litters my skin,
And tell a tale but I make sure their words are twisted.

No one needs to know the pathetic truth,
The little tale, that repeats back to me, "Your unwell."
That's fine by me; as long as it doesn't come from someone else.

I am still incomplete; still not well enough to look myself in the mirror.
Lacking the focus, to understand that I should be disappointed.

I have tattered the skin upon my body with purple and blue.

This dotted bruising I should feel ashamed of,
But I can never convince myself to stop or be disappointment.

The gently miss-match, unhealthy color to the tone of my skin,
Tells the tale's of my self-hatred and rage,
And all the unwell thoughts that dance around my mind.
AD Snail Sep 2016
Lonely road is my home,
It keep me cold.

It never has let other in,
So I shall never face the hardships;
Like their words,
And actions.

I shall always be safe;
While I travel the Lonely road,
That I shall travel all alone.

— The End —