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Carter Ginter Jan 2019
My hand hesitates above the button
Just millimeters away from my fingertips
Pieces of your life could appear in seconds
With just a little pressure
Yes, I know last time this hurt me
But maybe this time will be different
What's one more time
Just one more visit to your page
Gently the button clicks and your name disappears
I search it and easily find your page
A lot has happened since I last checked
And it's funny because
Even though I'm reading them
The poems themselves tell me nothing
Like mine, theres no way to know
Who it is you are speaking of
Though every so often
I read one that hits me in the gut
It makes my heart hurt and my stomach curl
Because I'm almost sure that
The person you're writing of is me
And you are still hurting
You're still angry at me
I want to like the poem
I want to open a door for you to see
So maybe I can help give you closure
I'm itching for you to talk to me
And as my finger
Renters a state of hovering
Over yet another virtual button
I realize that it wouldn't help you
I'd only be hurting you further
And I don't want to do that to you
I realize that my missing our friendship
Is solely a desire of mine
And it would be cruel
To drop in on your life again
I'm sorry for what I did
And I'm sorry I'm struggling so much
To let that piece of us go
But your feelings about me are clear
So even though it hurts to read
Just how much I destroyed you
I think it's just what I needed
To stop getting my hopes up
And to stop pressing your buttons
Sonali Sethi Aug 2014
Hello Inspiration,  
Where have you been, my friend?
You finally showed yourself after
Teasing me for months on end

People ask me all the time
Why I no longer pick up the pen.
All that will change now, wouldn't it?
Now that you're back again

Where did you go, Inspiration?
You left me feeling so incomplete
I kept trying to bring you back
I never did suceed

You ran away so hard and fast
Left an emptiness I didn't recognise
If I look away, will you run again?
I'm afraid to close my eyes.

It's good to see you, old friend.
We have a lot of catching up to do
But if I let go of your hand,
You won't abandon me, will you?

If I get busy with other things,
If I don't respond to you at once,
Will you dissappear like you did before?
Or will you give me a second chance?

You came back so suddenly
That I just have to ask
Are you here just to tease me?
Or is this going to last?

I have so many questions for you
Why? When? Where? And how?
But first, let's celebrate your return
And make the best of what we have now
So, I had an awful case of writer's block for about a year and then suddenly, it was gone! I've started writing poems again and feels good to be back. I'm not sure what caused my block and I really don't want it happen again!

— The End —