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  Feb 8 kelly jane
I always find a way to disappear
because that's what they did to me.
I can't say it's wrong or right
but it's what comes natural to me.
kelly jane Feb 4
I wish, I told you how I felt
Let go the fear and doubts
Trust my guts for once
Then maybe, I won't be stuck
Writing this, staring in pain
at your wedding pictures
kelly jane Feb 3
I recall those days
I ran after the walking moon
Dreamt to be carried on the wings of a fairy
Gazing at every little thing with amazement
Admiring the wind's beautiful melody
Filled with curiosity and expectations
Fearlessly danced through the rain
With just one thought in mind
Being happy was my only goal
But as time goes by
The ageing crystal rain melts away
alongside my cherished childhood
kelly jane Feb 2020
I'm overwhelmed and confused too
It's no one's fault and it's difficult
but it hurts a lot
I'm not going anywhere else though
I feel like this is where I'm meant to be
So let me just suffer here peacefully
With hope as the only thing to hold on too
Take all the time and space you need
Maybe you're my maybe…
And that's worth every sacrifice
Bye for now
When love's not reciprocal never force it better accept the fact and move on rather than end up with a shatered heart
kelly jane May 2019
I see you only in my dreams
Smiling back at me
helding me tied within your arms
Whispering in my ear to move on
But i closed my eyes so tied
hoping to never wake up from this dream
But as the sun rosed up
My beautiful dream fades away with my love

I wish you never left along with the wind
I count every single star in the night
hoping to fing you amongt
The night breeze frozed my tears
But your love kept my heart warm
But the truth remains the same
I will never see you again
Nothing hurts more than losing the one you love mostm
kelly jane Apr 2018
Your here but your heart's not
Looking at  me in the eye
But your eyes glows no more
It's crystal clear in my mine
But not in the heart
Think about us and not you
Say not, what your about to say
Before you roll the dile
Take a step to the past
And grab a taste of our sweet times
Tell me whats taking you away
Then I'll change, to have you stay
Put on a mask to make you smile
I'll change to someone else
That someone that grabs your attention
To revive the flame of love
I'll do the unforgettable
Just stay!!!
kelly jane Apr 2018
Shy alone in my corner
Timidly I observe your move
Hoping for your glance
With the wind for company
My heart fades at every bit of your leaving steps
I hope you stay
And be my courage
Held my hand and be my strength
Starring at your glowing eyes
I wish to be in your armes
And let go the lonely cloud.
Your mind is leaving
But I'll held tied to your heart
Till you stay and be mind
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