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Delicacy8100 Sep 2021
Darkness fades revealing colors.

Colors revealing flaws.

Flaws revealing truths.
Truths exposed by light.
creating clarity of how we treat life.
In the darkness of night, all people places, and things are hidden behind its truth.
Creating a blurred vision.
Some even
Black and White

Though in the light of day!

Imperfections of their truth,
their true beauty is revealed.
Nigel Finn Dec 2015
Don’t get arrested if you’re poor!
There’s no way they’ll let you go!
Privilege just means private law
To those who’re in the know

And if you ever wondered why it seems
The system disregards your self
It’s because you are on separate teams
"The law"’s an anagram of "wealth"

But do not worry, not all’s lost,
You poor demented yob
You can have freedom at a cost
-The freedom of the mob

Oh sure, The mob won’t listen
And doubtless will not care,
But it’s guaranteed admission
To most likely anywhere

But where will the people rally to?
Well, you may think this is funny –
It’s the same place that they always do-
The mob follows the money.

And the people rule the country
The same way as did the few,
But now you cannot blame them
Because "the people" includes you.

— The End —