What am I supposed to do? As I feel you slip away?
What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say?
I just wanted to be yours, I just wanted us to last,
but now all our forevers, just feel like moments in the past.

But I want to wake up with you, and I want to be your love,
and I want to make it through this, and I want to rise above,
So please don't up and leave me, please don't be gone for good,
you make me so, so happy, like no one ever could.

bryanbeee Jan 2015

And there she was
Standing in the sun

And there she was
With blue eyes

And there she was
Looking at her friends

And here I am again
Standing here in awe

And here I am again
I love her.

So I was dating a girl that I loved so much, but we didn't talk in person much so she broke up with me (or her friends did) and I miss her so much, I just want her back. I will be better next time, but I guess it's too late.

— The End —