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Met a guy who goes by Radstunts
One of the best transient moments of my life
Sounds like a nineteen ninety's moniker
I've heard many other names
But they're nowhere near as simple but edgy as that.
Chill as can be
Not all stage names and monikers are bad
Some of them give a side to a person most wouldn't expect
We all need to grow at some point
Not grow apart from anything unless it's the deep, spiraling depression that has etched itself into our woven souls.
Only a few atoms should be split
For the overall.
Grass stuck between my young pearly whites
One record-breaking nose bleed winning
As it plays catch with my middle teeth.

Find myself crashed on the new neighbor's lawn
Must have shot right over the handlebars
Cleared their bushes
Must have been going near Mach one.

Untangle myself from the remains of my bike
Clicking my jaw
And there she is
The head-turning epicenter of my crash
A summer dress made of rainbows and promises
A question in those blue dreamy eyes.

"I'm fine", I chuckle and shrug
"I do all my own stunts"
She beams
I smile back
Traces of white
But mostly
Stuntman reds and greens.
Childhood series #4

— The End —