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a stately
lacquer danced
there that'd
wax ***
with dire
this backer
but wore
queerish charms
that throes
made alarm
in their
buttons that
drew polish
in wishes
of setting
to ring
in accord
with walnuts
a queerish note
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
   mythologized commanders in chief
 epitomized supreme martial mien
   and vocalized special flair
talents summoned    

   from their native heart-land motif
 in Modus Operandi of bootstraps dare
acquired evanescent mythic reverence
   extant within bibliographic brief
   and closest role to God like air.

Said first and sixteenth president
   storied figurative bookends
   stood side by side
 honored on anniversary of their birth,

now renown across divers
   places far and wide
 over this one in a million (or billions)
   cosmic entities known as planet Earth

for courage and strength which forged
   that unique American sense and sensibility
   in tandem with prejudice pride
 forthwith esprit de corps touched,

   when above named
   epitomized, , eulogized,
   exemplified strapping youths
   vigorous lifestyle wrought washboard girth
   kindling psyches,

   and lit fires within homes and hearth.
These outsize personas held ephemeral dream
   where fledgling American state
   acquired sterling reputation

   wherein this country
   under aegis of Democracy
   became a winning team.
Among the legends and lore

 surrounding each of these great men 
 their stature grew more and more
 cult like benevolence these paternal figures
 United States can never ignore.

— The End —