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Byron Fast Apr 2019
My monkeys eat mangoes
While churches topple
And religions grapple
With ancient arguments
Over which benevolent, peaceful all loving god
Gets to enjoy the spoils of the soaring death toll.  

A loud burst in the jungle,
A squabble over mangoes.
Stupid monkeys,
Can’t even build a bomb.
Ylzm Apr 2019
Satan Rejoices:
On Day when Life Resurrects,
Lives sacrificed to despise Life,
that Death begets Death
and Death is stronger than Life.

Satan Rejoices:
For Lies are believed and Died for,
that the Desecration of Life's Sanctity
and Usurpation of God's Authority
are rewarded and glorifies God.

Satan Rejoices:
Brother turns against Brother,
Cain reigned supreme,
Circle of Revenge and Hatred turns,
Evil and Sword worshiped.

But Abel's blood still speaks
Blood-soaked Earth's cries are heard
Victory is assured but unseen
Patience is mercy not weakness
Evil shall judge Evil
Sri Lanka Terror Attacks, on Easter 2019
Cynthia Apr 2019
Tick Tick Tick

Tick Tick Tick

Tick Tick Tick
"Nothing's wrong"
"It's alright"
"Just a little breeze"

Tick Tick...
"Relax, it's oka-"



Isn't that how it seems?
The bombings. in Sri Lanka. Easter was supposed to be happy

— The End —