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Al Jul 2015
come along with me;
say “love,”
breathe “hello,”
train your ears
on the echoes
of my breathing;
there is no such thing
as running away,
because wherever we go
we are running forward.
spontaneous and unwarranted, a bit like dreaming of an escape (journey)
Al Jul 2015
i can be alone;
i have been alone
for quite some time;
it’s fine, i will be
alone, but
don’t worry.
you don’t have to
you don’t have to
stay up,
you don’t have to
console me
when i want to cry—
but thank you anyway.
it's a thank you for someone who will never read it
Al Jul 2015
i made a promise—
a shackle,
a chain,
a weight to bear—
inked it into my skin,
let it hover
behind my throat;
a secret agreement;
so why do i
feel like my chest
is an eternity
and a fortnight
live for these promises, not because of them.

— The End —