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Red bottle brush blossoms
swirl in the steamy Florida heat
despite the sizzling temps
the ashram is always a
welcome refuge

Softly, I enter the
sacred premises
doing namaste to all
the hallowed murtis

Soon songs decorate the
tranquil atmosphere
Smiling inwardly waves of
euphoric bliss well up from
a Divine spring

The sweetness is Non-Stop
truly my heart is a honeycomb
dripping with holy Love

I break off pieces of this
nectarine prasadam
an offering for you
Sea was wild this morning
tempestuous waves
toss their sage and silver manes,
galloping in all directions
nostrils flaring seafoam
They say there's a storm
brewing in the Caribbean....

My hubsy and I mosey
along the crystal shoreline
I marvel at the many footprints,
even a few paw and bird prints
I speculate there might even
be some fossilized footprints
beneath it all.

One pointedly I search...
for the only footprints
that really matter....
Your Silver Padukas
The only footprints that
can carry me across the
ocean of change
to a higher shore

Gazing out on the tumultuous ocean
salty air chafes my lips and face
my husband beams
his radiant Buddha smile
we hold hands
chanting Ommmmmm

Wind gently whispers
Your name in my ears
I hear the soft rustle
of sanyasi robes
heady scent of sweet jasmine
...and Your.Lotus feet
enters my heart...
I love to watch egrets fly
white wings glide past me
in concert
as I pause my morning stroll
my spirit not the least bit shy
joins the beautiful congregation
soaring through the twinkling blue

Like sleeping beauty
She slumbered
on some remote island leaf
tucked away inside my heart

Sri Saraswati Devi
strums my heartstrings
awakening the
Ecstatic Muse

Leaving the world of fog
and phantom behind
She soars close to my ears
Singing her Sunrise Love song
Veridian waves wash over me
calm, healing currents
streaming over hot
black asphalt of my mind
racing in all directions

Emerald turf, tides rise up
surging, gushing from
open, uninhabited woodland lots
and neighborhood lawns

I smile totally in awe -
the thousand shades
of medicinal green elixirs
Nature concocts for us:
soothing jade, invigorating pine,
dazzling emerald, gentle fern,
happy go lucky shamrock, pensive moss
blessed, peaceful olive branches
repair, restore, revive
our flagging spirits

O Devi we take refuge in Your
alcoves of Green Goodness
and "lie down in Green pastures"  
on your Divine lap
Oooh a bouquet for me?
Thank you....
The Earth lovingly presented
an effusion of beauty
saffron blooms garland
the path on our way to the temple

Davidji and I tiptoed into the
quiet, serene sanctuary
majestic Murtis surround us
with dazzling eyes
as we prayed and
sang fervently

From the jeweled throat
of Durga Ma
To the Blessed ******
cradling baby Jesus
the parade of Deities
charmed our minds and
lifted our spirits

O Resplendent One
I wear an endless mala
drunk on your Sweet Names
Amrit fountains
flow incessantly
The marigold Monarch butterfly
oblivious to the moans, suffering
and pain of our worldly realm
sips nectar from divine floral cups
oozing with celestial sweetness
alights blissfully upon
the holy hand of God
What a celestial evening
The Violet flame could be seen
exalting the Western horizon
Angel anthems permeate the air
ethereal chariots stream
across apricot yellow skies

David and I ride our bikes
towards the sunset our faces
flushed a radiant purple
These are precious moments
One cannot help but sing
The sheer glory of it all!
I saw my Lord walking
along the shoreline
euphoric green waves
frolicked at His feet
racing towards
they longed to touch
His splendor

Royal pelicans
flew above Him
like angels in divine formation
His wind tossed curls
Glittered with bits of
and even the Sun
descended and knelt
at His holy feet

Who can gauge His Glory
We are all sacred echoes
inside a seashell
pressed to his celestial lips
Plumeria in my hair

I followed footsteps of the Sun

to the Sea

I hear Krishna's conch




He is calling me
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