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Mawunya Sep 19
I had always been a happy little girl
Until reality had to hit me in the face
Until I had to leave my teens
Until I had to start reasoning as an adult
Until I had to face everything on my own
Until I had to start to feel
Until I had to wipe my own tears

I’m drowning,
Drowning in fears
Drowning in pain
Drowning in loneliness
Drowning in a world I understand no more.
Syddy Raye Dec 2015
There's no time to be chasing waterfalls
With all the noise behind these walls
No reason to wonder
When my head is full of thunder
It's so loud inside my head
Wanting to be dead
Thoughts surrounding me
Screaming, "So what'll it be?"
I don't think it could be worse
But that sentence is my curse
So **** this ****
**** that ***** that says shes trying
**** that guy whose always lying
And **** this world
That said I could be cured

— The End —