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Benton 254 Sep 2018
Open yours eyes at the dim of the lights
All was gone never to return
Never heard the alarm sound
though you confessed it was too loud to be ignored
Now the reality gloats how detached it left Us
Beating its chest hard like a raging king Kong
Always hate when warning seems and you swerve
All the unlimited times we bound
And a bridge we made
Crossing from two different mountains standing
Yet a common river fed us both
Now that river seems like a seasonal stream in the desert
Only its flow left to glare
Only bottom rocks left to stare
None will quench their thirst on the soft sandy soil that the cool waters left
With tym the memories we hold will fade fast than forest burnt
With tym our lips will grow pale and rough
Never to speak sweet words that touched...
break up is a *****; refering to female dog..
Nathan Porter Feb 2017
Misled, heartbroken,
Unclean, thoughts spoken
Bad words, Sadly croaking
Eyes filled, tears flowing
An author’s power
Turns me sour
In this hour
Pain becomes a tower

Tall is the tower
Made by pain
No further gain

Aided by words
Slashing like swords

An author’s power
With words to devour
Strength to empower
But leads to only my cower.
heather leather Jun 2015
one, he has rosy red cheeks and doesn't
speak yet, he is too shy but his mother loves
him and his father already has dreams of a
baseball player in mind
three, his soft brown curls are becoming uncontrollable
and his aunts coddle him and sing praises about
his long eyelashes and he speaks with a stutter that his
mom thinks is adorable
five, he has a big birthday celebration and his father
buys him a puppy and the neighbors come over and all
of a sudden he is best friends with a boy named andy
who likes to play with red toy trucks and loves to watch sports
seven, his two front teeth have fallen out and he thinks
he looks awfully strange and his older sister makes fun
of him for it but it's okay because andy has a little
sister, she is six, and she thinks he looks perfect
ten, he is going to middle school and his father is already
practicing with him because he wants to join the baseball
team (he doesn't, not really, but his father wants him to so
he does it)
twelve, andy is the most popular boy at school and he still
hasn't made the baseball team and everyone makes
fun of him for it, but it's okay because andy's little sister
isn't looking so little anymore and she says he's better than
any boy at that school
14, high school has just started and he still has that slight
lisp from when he was younger but that's fine, he doesn't
talk to any one that much except her, hannah, who isn't just
andy's little sister to him anymore
15, he's in love with hannah and he doesn't think there's
anything more beautiful than her ballet routines and the
way she shakes her hips ever so slightly and everything in his
life is a mess because he's failing science and his older sister
comes home drunk every night and his father has started coming
to his room at night and he doesn't know what to do about
it but it's okay because he has her to make everything
better, his miracle was her
16, he finds out that she doesn't think she's as perfect as
he does and she complains about how ugly she is
and no amount of light kisses to her cheek make up for it
16, he sees the scars on her thighs one day and he asks
her what it means because he refuses to believe she would
do this and he beats up andy because he knew the entire
time and didn't care
16, he finally tells his mother about his father coming to
his room at night and she cries for her husband and her son,
for both seem dead now
16, hannah goes to therapy and she's finally getting better,
he thinks she's finally getting better
16, she's not
16, he attends his first funeral two months later, the girl he loves
being buried six feet underground and her brother isn't there,
he's at a party getting drunk and trying to forget her but he won't
16, he thinks about following in her footsteps
16, he tries
16, he can't
17, he does. he finds the rope his father used
when they would go climbing together and he wrapped
it around his neck and lit himself on fire, but no matter
how many times he screamed, it didn't matter because his mother
was in connecticut, knitting with her friends, and andy was
smoking and his older sister was at college and in the
end no one cared for the boy interrupted for he
was walking on an unfinished bridge his entire life and he was
bound to end up six feet under eventually,
all the good things in life were
um. thoughts? i don't really like this one tbh but oh well.

— The End —