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Benton Scar' Jul 2023
Speak of truth
Not what either passive it as
Beliefs surely influence what to believe
Sticking to the stories told
But questioning their integrity of the same
Cancels the possibility of longevity
Different version imminently changes your truth
If I lie I'm a liar
Probably espionage to the Government
But if the same lied to me then that's propaganda
At times the understanding is paramount
At most it is not even necessary
If my predicament questions my loyalty,
Then it won't turn much sense for both to starve so to see who's loyalty deepens
It's wise to detach from those who's misfortunes and unlucky always follows their path.
Benton Scar' Jun 2023
I forgive myself...
For the eternity chasing in disguise
All the secret desires into the abyss
Into a hole I jumped never to be rescued
Decisions made solely to save self but instead drowned others
Criss-cross paths and stepped on thier shoes even though they deserve
Mentor with guilt
Advised with second thoughts
Not listening to my gut feeling;
If so I wouldn't be putting pen to paper for this

I forgave myself...
For forgiving them
Falling for retribution in my anger felt
Building bridges instead of walls for now they complain not having enough access
Ate from the same plate they poisoned for both to suffer
Drunk from the same well as well
I'll forgive self hastily
But forget not eternity.
Benton Scar' Jun 2023
Given a lemon make a lemonade instead
Life throws up and you have to feed from it
Calling it a favour or count yourself lucky
If a name is a must
Give it your loyalty
And a cool shade of betrayal it echoes back
In the shadows of darkness some you didn't know when or where;
You got to the point
Point to you the light at the end of the tunnel
Believing in it you have
Or else let your hope die before your hands
Cold and dry nothing to feed from
And from the minute the hand gives you a minute
Never for you to account for one
But an explanation you owe to them
Much to whom and much was giveth, they say
But to some it's what much they have to take, I would say
Call it greed, I call it optimism.
Benton Scar' Jan 2023
Lay down the plans for the future
Future I'm into and I embrace it
A good vision is to exploit
Dreams so real I mistake for de ja vuu
Look all up in the sky and it looks good
Keep my face up the sun and the shadows fall back
So, I'm keep my eyes to the sky
Plans He only knows when and where
But Imma keep the hope
Walk with dignity and not erase the foot steps
I'm a soldier of wars
Wars I won and I never knew how or when.
A good life is to hope, a good heart is to live the hope.
Benton Scar' Jan 2023
Past the roads that read danger
Into the choices I made to the exit that didn't exist
Past the days the moon met the sun
When the sun touched the sea floor
Floating its rays upon the fishers at dawn
Search till I see the faces that never was
Blackout on the things I went *******
Never despite their prayers to my creater
Survive their crusade for bad blood
Trip into the oblivion only them who wished never to fall into...
#thoughts #only #you can #relate now
Benton Scar' Feb 2021
Morning of the light
Came amid the chaos of darkness
No one knew it's importance since it's disappearance
Now the warmth feels more satisfying
No one belonged to the ages of time
To light up paths for others was unheard
To sacrifice self for the pain you'll feel once
To betray your trust in crossing the bridges for vowed not to
Walk into the darkness amid the stories told of creepy souls
It's a path You had to take
So you oblige
For this were the trails walked with ease
The uncertainty of tommorows beginnings knows no story of today's ending.
Benton Scar' Sep 2020
I'm in for the eternity life promises
The agile raising sun gives new hope
Every second the hand gives me a minute
Justifies the will this universe entrusts
So I put my ego aside and sit with my trust
Untill the earth comes to its stillness
I'm for change, vigorous change
That which drains energy to the core but
left with enough strength to spot on
Sorrow not to blind my sight, and
Screams so loud not to hear the voices that lead me from the abyss
To now this sledge hammer before me
Then to the jungle up next, they say
To take all the work you laid on
Some that were a golden touch
Some that inflicted curses, not to mention the words that burned houses to their roots
Warm your feet from the ashes for this is your home now.
Burn bridges to keep yourself warm🔥
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