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Benton Scar' Feb 2021
Morning of the light
Came amid the chaos of darkness
No one knew it's importance since it's disappearance
Now the warmth feels more satisfying
No one belonged to the ages of time
To light up paths for others was unheard
To sacrifice self for the pain you'll feel once
To betray your trust in crossing the bridges for vowed not to
Walk into the darkness amid the stories told of creepy souls
It's a path You had to take
So you oblige
For this were the trails walked with ease
The uncertainty of tommorows beginnings knows no story of today's ending.
Benton Scar' Sep 2020
I'm in for the eternity life promises
The agile raising sun gives new hope
Every second the hand gives me a minute
Justifies the will this universe entrusts
So I put my ego aside and sit with my trust
Untill the earth comes to its stillness
I'm for change, vigorous change
That which drains energy to the core but
left with enough strength to spot on
Sorrow not to blind my sight, and
Screams so loud not to hear the voices that lead me from the abyss
To now this sledge hammer before me
Then to the jungle up next, they say
To take all the work you laid on
Some that were a golden touch
Some that inflicted curses, not to mention the words that burned houses to their roots
Warm your feet from the ashes for this is your home now.
Burn bridges to keep yourself warmđŸ”„
Benton Scar' Sep 2020
The last step of a lost son gone,
Never left for him to get lost
Just an open window; he saw and jumped in
In to the world but out of his captivity
Not thinking secondly of what awaits the other side
Either way he was ready to fight the beast
Or tame the cat: he was ready for the unkown
The thought of existance beyond the walls that he confined triggered his fear to strike the match and the search was on
The walk into the dark shivered his body wet
His eyes glowed and his sense not sensitive yet
Like a bird in a cage nothing to nest
Like a mind full of dreams I can't chase
Chase on the lies that made sense so you oblige
The truth that I lie on and made my bed to rest on
Truth is what I know now
Truth was wat I perceived when I knew none
To what's belief and what's wrong
For what's lust is not the road for it to be long.
The choices we makes and the steps we take are always to the good of Us and the people around us.
#Lost #discovery
Benton Scar' May 2020
Feed into the dogs the flesh of hope
Stumble on little pieces of peace at hand
Crush onto thee feet that steps softs
Fight like underdogs unleashed
Lights out and darkness came
One light reflective
And a thousand stars
Fight to be true because weak is wicked
Jab to demons that hardly knew the souls to keep
And those to **** instant without jury.
Got all to ask, but this are just nightless thoughts at sleep.
I mean this are just sleeples thoughts at night.
#night #sleeplessnights
Benton Scar' Nov 2019
It was easy to lie
It was easy to tell off and die
Sorrows but happiness was the plate to dine on
Dine into the cold the world curved me to ever be
It was easy to tell off but lie not
It was easy to sad off and smile
Smile from the faces of death, a friend, so I embrace it
It wasn't easy to go down on my knees and pray
It was easy to throw my faith into the dungeons for the prey
Fight back my misfortunes that I lay
Succeed and call it luck.
It wasn't easy
To lack and **** at everything I touch,
To let off this feelings and get hard
Numb from the pain felt because this pain wasn't gain
To feel the loss now that I never thought It could be, me
To fill this trash can with pieces that each sentence never satisfied
Each word that flashed so fast not to contemplate the goodness of it
Rogue and write never brought peace
Smile and dine never filled the stomach
Hard and fcku never felt in the womb...
It was easy to say, it wasn't easy to feel
Waiting to surprise like a tick tock bomb
Pleasure to **** the smile in their faces
Surpass their innocence with guilt
Stumble on their hearts never to see the goodness of it....
The hard things we find easy to do, the smooth things we find hard to do, never understood how or it worked that way...
Benton Scar' Oct 2019
It took long to realize how uneven the scores got
Lost you to gain more, I thought.
But the intention wasn't to replace:I've tried
Was easy at first bt your departure left a void the rest failed to fill 
I was certain the loss wasn't loosing 
Bt their eyes stare and I'm scared
The walls you built around are crumbling down
Those attachments we were bound by faded
Left too early for me to realise the reasons for those wall, leave alone its importance 
I now feel lost for the addictions I fight hard to ascertain
Ascertaining that I'm bound to anything and the things I'm now made of...
I'm loosing the battles we set forth, but for the honor of your departure I'm keep the fight..
Spread the seed U've planted over years..
Hope this won't live me in tears
For the memories I hold and fears
Fears that Imma loose more than those mere impacts I once thought...
Rest In Peace old friend.
#losr #friend
Benton Scar' Sep 2019
Angels in the city
Angels that fly high in sky
Save those on cries n pity
Feathered white
With black outlines...

Fly thru clouds with little light
Thru storms with little life
Keep my head high in the clouds
Whilst My feet stumbled on the ground
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