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Entre le sac et le ressac
Ma muse nage nue
Au cœur des vagues
De neige immortelle
De la nuit tropicale.
C'est un mélange de sirène
Et de sauterelle
A la queue papillonnante bleue verte et grise
Qui plonge à intervalles réguliers
Dans le sauna des abysses
A la recherche des sources chaudes
Des volcans sous-marins
Où dorment les champignons sauvages
Et où paissent les rennes
En attendant le moka saveur airelles
D'un Petit Prince abscons portant masque, palmes et tuba
Qui danse la rumba cubaine.
Quand ma très chère se déhanche
Elle skie elle patine elle surfe
Elle nage elle plonge elle sue
Entre les battements de conga,
Les glissés et les déliés de son partenaire
Tout en tricotant des pas humides de calypso vierge
Ad libitum.
Steve Page Dec 2017
Not too old to dance
Not too big to rumba
Not passing up the chance
To feel a little younger

Learning brand new steps
Hearing brand new beats
Sensing strange new rhythms
Finding both my feet

Using unused muscles
Controlling my meander
Feeling a new freedom
To release the inner dancer

Old friends say they knew
The dancer sleeping there
They recognised the steps
From long forgotten years

So whilst I can't regret
The years I waltzed around
I'm please to take these steps
And retake my long lost ground.
Change is like learning a new dance.  After a while you start to enjoy it.  But initially you feel all arms and legs.
One great thing about social dancing is
you get to touch people.
Sounds weird
but it's actually the most beautiful thing in the world.
Ballroom dancing- waltz, rumba, swing
oh my words, it's such a beautiful thing!
I'm not that good, but I can follow
if you lead, if you take me along.
Give me your hands, we'll go for a walk
down the dance floor, around the many couples.
Quick, quick, slow
One, two, three
Triple step, triple step, rock step.
Why do you dance? Perhaps for the same reason as me...
perhaps to find some purpose in your own infinity.
Perhaps we've both come here with pain in our hearts
let it out, let it get washed away by the joy in the room
that will not leave any time soon.
Get swept off your feet by someone you like
You'll learn to go with the flow like riding a bike.
Listen to the music from the 30s to the 80s
and lift your feet to the rhythm of the ballads.
Ask that person if you can have this dance,
don't let them get away before the night is over,
before the last song.
Touch them, they'll touch you.
It sounds weird, but it's so
so beautiful.
this is obviously about dancing, my newfound love.

— The End —