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Robin Carretti May 2018
All Dressed (.)
like a living doll
The poll percentages
Making a living
Do me proud
Mom of ruffles

And her
don't match
her smile dress

The spouse moved
out of his house
When will this be
the decent home?
All  together now
bombarded the movie

Humphrey Bogart
The Bounty
Let's Be Casa Blanca
A kiss is not a
Like the add-ons
it's decent
Less drama timeshare

Hacienda ruffle
Love to compare
County fair wonder-
At home, windows
Tightly forgiven shut
raining mad

Don't think you
will Ruffle some
R-ob-in Birds
Be decent parent trap
Ruffles so flattering
she knows the best
She is wearing
the fringe peace
hippy vest

All Holy Moly
What will the
future present?

All fringe benefits
All feathered with
Tight latex things that
don't look decent
to fit

He bought her the most amazing Ruffle designer
long love skirt
with a kiss to the stars*
Adding and calculating
up all the money
You felt all ruffled
by his words
Like a herd of
50 shades
Ratios keep
her mouth
Clean mint mento
Looking higher than
her hem-line
The Cosmos pure number
Pure vanilla

All critical
I cant get no
satisfaction but I try

((Robin Fly))

The Rolling Stones
  band goes platinum

Why am I aging
Ruffle all the details
Fitting model dress
The news pages
Beneficial let's
be decent
With money
__$$$ potential
No big fat zero
The ground Zero

My Twin Towers

Was built
with love
The most
for families
and heroes
Wormhole or
the black hole
He's definitely inside
the Man-hole
Love and
not ready for the
baby carriage

The decent guy in the
tool shed garage
the most grudges

like misery loves
Ruffles  details of ridges
And please when
you love
Be decent well

Adding up all the
ruffles on her gown
Being decent is hard to do but if so put on your ruffle dress he may be at work with his duffle bag and another person on the plane getting jet lag. But that's ok just ruffle your charm my way

— The End —