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It was a bright spring day out by the pool
We’d gathered together amidst lawn chairs
To watch

A somewhat portly
Man centered in the water
Swirling like Esther
We sipped our ****** wine and smiled cautiously but amused no less.

From the far northern edges came a little
Light haired boy dressed like an angel
Or perhaps the son
Of Poseidon
I think the whole point of this had something to do with Poseidon
Or some other god of the sea
That remained unclear for
Me at least

Needless to say, this was a pool
A little pool with green astroturf surrounding
Piquant with chlorine
Not churning and grey.
Again, to the north stood the child
His son no doubt
Who must have been told simply and repeatedly
Just go to Daddy in the pool
Stand by the side
And he will pick you up
Hold onto your trident

But upon making his move to
the child
And in so doing began to wail
Leaving his otherwise stoic father
Perplexed and annoyed
His eyes squinting out the sun
His performance ending before it ever began

Three women rushed to the little wails
The mother scooped her child into her arms
Cradling the tears to her *******
Her attendants ran for vanilla ice cream
The boy now sated
Was resplendent in calm satisfaction

Father left the pool
Make-up running down his wet face
The child ate his ice cream from the bowl
steadfast in his concentration
and seeming innocence
The mother held her little man
The man in charge
We stood up and left for more ****** wine
Perhaps the Pinot.
elle Sep 2018

careful man, hey

yes, you!
with the suit
and the beanie hat-
folded hands
hands bathed in contradiction

let those grinning demons in!
our crowded hearts echo of repent

each ringing in your hollows
Q-tip squeaky clean..

O, Reverend
Mend me! 
teach me
how to take and take and take,

and still look upon this turning world with empty eyes
Like no lives are at stake! 
Like we are actually brave
Like we are really awake

As if all is only
left or right
black or white
day until night
lines then spaces
words only prayer
built upon prayer

never can one do harm without intent

never would a holy man
two hands
sewn by God— 

you must be remembering wrong.
Drowsy dews
Engraves your name
Boldly amid the thorns of chilled~roses

Twerk nobly
And roll the blue pigeons
In me for trophies

But then
Let's marry together our lips
But to share,a sweet reverend kiss
And tune these red~roses blanch

The stars move
Roundabout my head
And together let's hold the rainbow
Splendour by sight

My hands
For every tender touch
But then,fathom deeply all the blush in me

Vanilla your arms around my neck
And rouse me to fear
But jocund,when I look into your eyes
Yet,impregnate me with your celestial desires


Make me wonder
How you solemn calm my sighs
Of which haste in pants

You are a sober tigeress
Misspoke of your elegant prowl

But now
Turn off the lights
And loft me the ranks
Of melting naked incense
And let's depart with a serene~peace


©Historian E.Lexano

Please kindly share
Two beginners in love

— The End —