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All she was left with
was a bunch of memories
All she was left with
Shadows and the storms within

So there she was
Sobbing, weeping
and secretly waiting
for a shoulder to lean

Time doesn't seemed to care
nor did the people
Days were taken granted for
and all the voices went feeble

Looking through the window one day
she realized that the panes had turned to dust
Looking at her body lay
with mind and heart turned to rust

Clouds had gathered that night
and rain fell with all its might
Cleansing the ground - and
cleansing her mind

The smell of the earth
reminded of the fragrance of hers
sand she started searching for the old her within

Just with the silver lightning struck
a lighting in her mind
and she stood to realize

Standing up walking is real happiness
searching within gives answers
helping self is more useful!!

So, there she stood
A woman who can reach heights!!
And for her history awaits!!

— The End —