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As the warm breeze brushes the palms.

I feel my spirit rise.  Time away reminds me of simplicity.

Rejoicing in the moments we spend together fills my heart with peace and hope for the future times together.

Scott Pinto and Darren Tipton
Sharing Friendship
HYA Apr 2018
Naaalala ko pa noong sinabi **** buksan ko ang aking puso sa maraming posibilidad
Kaya ang aking saradong pinto ay aking binuksan at humangad
Sabi mo ay maiintindihan mo ako sapagkat nararamdaman **** magkapareho tayo
Subalit, sa isang iglap, sumiradong muli ang aking pinto.
Kaibigan, pababayaan mo nalang ba akong humangad sa walang kasiguraduhan?
John F Pinto May 2014
As I sit, I stare
At the lake before me.
In peace, without a care
I can think clearly.

A green fir, rooted strong
Parallel across the lake
I have known it my life long
Never once thought it to be at stake.

The tree took root,
Simultaneous to me
I never ventured off route
And neither did he.

One, Five, Ten, and Eighteen
We matured, or so we thought
Together we’d careen
Into ideas and what we’d been taught.

Then wires, as if grown,
Creeped out of my tree
Threads, thin and tight, were sown
Reaching out to me.

“Pull!”, and like a bride’s gown
Down came my tree
I watched it topple down
As I left for University.
An oldie, but a goodie. Found in a notebook from 3 years ago.

— The End —