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Tintin Jul 2017
This is our gamble
these cards on the table
neither of us
will be a sacrifice

your life
for mine
what kind of twisted fate
lays waste
to an innocent being
who was trapped in
a mechanical hell

As gunfire
and bonfires
chaos explodes

take my hand
and in our execution
let's both go
to Elysium.
suetommy Dec 2014
An angel on earth was found and blessed by a wonderful lover forever,
But this angel fell and she fell far, so far her lover could not retrieve her.
She loves him still and always will; even with her heart stretched by so many who love her so completely.  Her heart has plenty of room to enfold more to love and care about.

But she lost her midnight blue, her silver cherubs running too fast,
spread too thinly.  She sits on nearby riverbanks late at night watching the waters flow; crying for those she loves the most, those she believes she can help no longer.  She cannot help herself enough to give way to some of the great ***** passions she believes cannot be met by him and he loves her from the bottom of his heart.  The angel is so loved by so many, but cannot accept help; will not accept help, because she has fallen into a dark hole that has stolen her wings.  She kicks and screams like a beautiful stallion all alone trying to get out of the waters of the dark hole.  She is all alone and it is late at night, midnight blue with many silverly stars above.
The midnight blue starry skies watch and silver cherubs  remind her of their love and needs.  She wonders why she lusted so much, and he is glad she did.  Did he tell her so?  Forgive such a sin an angel feels.  In love all is fair.  Save her, let her know.  Show her in oh so many ways!
She helps those who cannot help themselves.  She teaches basic rights, gives time one on one.  She brings back souls on the brink of death and restores them and theirs, and no matter what she does, no matter what, "I don't care what it is, I love Carol" and she is loved by special ladies whose lives she made worthwhile in a cruel world.  Any and all who know her love her.  She is truly an angel on earth.
Paula Lee Jun 2014
By Ajit peter and Paula

Not a day doth pass by
my words to thee shy
love thee and with thee fly
thy love passioned sky
longing thought to hold thee
in pain tis love doth not flee
oh rainbow doth we see
take me in thee arm to feel
sinking in loves pained heel
oh let not go tis heart thou steal
My heart doth beat for thee
in thy night to be
loves impassioned song
thy love doth no wrong
my heart doth beat free
for all the world to see
thy love ever a shrine
my heart vouchsafe to thine.

— The End —