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Tintin Nov 2019
Peeking through the windows of the train care
rucksack balanced on shoulders
Idly contemplating where to next
a vagabond can land for quick respites
scanning surroundings inhales of clouds
and exhales of shadows surrounding memories
and treasure chests wrapped tightly in cloth
buried under a tree
the key
drifting down the river
waiting nestled between stones
and uncapped inkwell and blank page
rapid rivers reaching
but unable to send them back
trying to pin down and address
on open roads and sketchy motels
the fine makes feet continue to run
continue to walk
with few stops
dizzying hourglasses
and hands chime grandfather clocks
left behind with scarlet trails
here to chase but them to leave
Tintin Nov 2019
Three times in the hospital
sitting near the window
ds screen illuminating
years going by
and the rising anxiety
that very soon the end
feeling too grown
at the same too young
being a mom
and a grand-daughter
a sister and a housekeeper
riding in an ambulance 10am
playing translator
stupid scale pain system
empty stomach
awkwardly standing aside
she's all that's left
others are working
stuck at home afraid to go out
scheduled medications glued to memory
and panic when forgotten
and still too childish
but no longer a child
pre-mourning pushed aside
cause shes still here
still guilt
shut up
shes still here
shes still here
shes still here
Tintin Oct 2019
Appply , rinse, red runs down
Copper still sits on the tongue
Repeat watch
As it swirls down
Resisting to poke where copper wells
Still it sits
Though less with ice
The odd taste of copper
Guess who got their wisdome teeth taken ouuuttt.
Tintin Oct 2018
Just wiring right?
Tintin May 2018
You're as gentle as a lover
your patience knows no bounds
so tender is your touch as you place us in the ground
your hands tirelessly work
your eyes rarely blink
Late conversations keep you from catching a wink
your soundless voice soothes us
you are never in a rush
when you start your work
we bid each other hush
you rest our weary bones
and release us from this home
you reassure us we won't be buried alone
Dear precious grave digger
though we wish to flee
By your side is where we belong
we remain with thee
Tintin May 2018
Heart beats and hammers
Shadows blooming
Trail along silently
Translation not needed
Living outside the body
Gazing down on the maze
Paths and roads
Painting an earthy mural
Mirrored petals
And twirling tornadoes of autumn
Prancing around as clouds shade
And the moon illuminates
Tintin Feb 2018
Speech robbed
Atrocities beyond understanding
****** you
pitiful fool
for digging your own pitfall
but alas
Only God plays fates hand
the ultimate judge on conscience and compassion
human nature traded in
for the devils branded mask
messengers of demons
eternal flames await
imbeciles wasting life before it starts
just to feed the darkness
residing within
stand before the judge
though no name is without sin
the difference lies
in the ability to feel guilt
not even the fires of hell
can burn the deeds on your hands
innocent blood
you ******* monster
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