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Joseph Thiede Jan 12
I loved you blind but could not see
your true colours revealed.
I have a voice but could not speak, I
realise now that I was but weak.
Your words sharp as knives, cutting me deep.
Your opinions are the only ones that count
and your desire to have your own way...
I'd try and resist but get cut again.
On my own I lick my wounds
but no one knows the pain i feel.
No kindness did you ever show. To me.
Only to those who did not know.
No happiness did ever grow, between us.
Un-reciprocated love I had for you thrown
back in my face.
Now I am free, I try to move on...
but the irreparable damage you have done,
still lies within me.
These words you will never hear,
though I doubt you'd shed a tear.
You don't deserve to listen.
You've moved on to someone new,
I just hope they love you the way I did.
These words, their effect, is very real.
In time I hope they heal.
k Jul 2018
Where do you write something you want someone to read
but you don't want them to see?
Almost a year ago, I did some pretty messed up things
and no, it was not grown up of me
and yes, I still feel guilty (at least a part of me does)
and no, I still don't think I "needed" to
However, to think you have done nothing wrong
is an outright lie

Is belittling someone a sign of love?
Is masking someone's voice a sign of affection?
Is closing the doors on things I was not ready to leave behind
a sign of your attention?

And no, that wasn't the end of it
And yes, I'd rather let you read between the lines
because even writing this in memory of things
that once were,
is giving you way too much of my time

Nonetheless, I do not hate you as much as I thought I had
I just have one question,
where do you believe it went wrong?

Could it have been the numerous times I warned you
that something is bound to go awry?
Maybe it was hidden between all the times
you were busy tweeting about how awful I was
while I begged for forgiveness from a problem
I did not create

I can only request one final thing,
take a moment for yourself to replay the words
that we once spoke to each other in your head
Analyze the seconds we spent together

Remember all the wasted parts of my life spent on
trying to earn your approval while you
continue to let everyone know
just how awful I was to you

I dare you, after all of this is done, to come back and
accuse me of being
"emotionally unavailable"

Fortunately for me, however,
I've come to terms with things that once kept me sinking
and I've found the things that keep me afloat

So for now, I bid this chapter of our lives
a soft, sincere and sweet goodbye

(P.S. You may have once had me
wrapped around your fingers, but if
I learned anything from you at all,
it's that I will always be stronger than
what I think I can't handle)
Kewayne Wadley May 2018
I am completely out of good ideas.
This isn't exactly what I'd call good company.
Being alone with you.
A worthwhile bad memory.
To know the future doesn't seem all that bad.
Under certain conditions.
Preconceived notions of cause and effect.
It's unpredictable.
Yet predictable to see exactly where we're going.
Being in love with you seems like a bad idea.
I learned that the hard way.
The touch of a hand on the small of your back.
Afterwards we could both agree.
This was a really bad idea.
Picking up where the other left off
Ree Bunch Apr 2016
I’m standing in the bedroom doorway-
watching you sit on the black chair:  
drink in one hand- remote in the other.    
Only question I can think of is;      
Who is this stranger on my couch?        
You look just like him- even your frown.          
You’re driving his car – using his stuff,            
and taking his role as my man;              
but you’re frighteningly unknown to me.

My man, showered me with kisses-  
his corny jokes rolled until the night,    
our connection was undeniable,      
but your heart is so very distant,      
your intimacy has desiccated and died;        
I can barely get 2 words from you,          
so you must be an intruder!

Where’s the man I fell heavily for?
The man that had joy in his eyes  
Or maybe it is me that has changed!    
Either way I’m fighting for the real “us” again.
Ree Bunch Apr 2016
(Years) * (girl + boy)= Friendship

(Crush)(crush)(friendship)= Lovers

(Lovers + commitment) / Monogamy = A relationship

(Relationship – trust) * (mendaciousness) = Fallible liaison

(Fallible liaison) * (# of years) / My heart =  Wasted time and regret

**But math nor relationships were EVER your strong suit.
Mendaciousness = habitually telling lies
Fallible =liable to err

— The End —