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Gemineyed Gypsy Dec 2015
I found myself down at the bottom of a cliff;
Waves crashing upon the rocky shore as my body floats adrift

There I was lost in wonder,
“Had I not left this very world I now find myself stagnant in?”

Has life's infinite wonders, once again, grasped hold of my lonely lost Soul and pulled me out of the darkness right on to the other side?

A continuous cycle spiraling round and round from infinite to beyond;
Endlessly evolving and revolving as yin moves through yang;
As light warps with sound

From matter to energy,
Forevermore infinitely greater than mere dust in the ground

What happens next, as I awaken to this new journey;
Moving forward; starting fresh?

I find myself gliding on wind as oxygen to new souls;
Growing through love with life's ultimate pure bliss

One request for those I've loved and left behind;
May only memories of my love be your everlasting guide
© 2015 Ashley Jean.
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.

*Thinking of all the loved one's who've moved on from this life.
Thank you for being my muse and my guide.
Alyanne Cooper Jun 2014
It was 27 minutes past 1 o'clock in the morning.
I stood staring down at her
Curled up form on the couch.
No one knew.
I reached out to smooth back her hair
But my hand passed right through.
Fingers curling into fists,
I step back in a cloud of mist
And waited for answers to be given.
But there are no answers in death.
I stare at her unable to comprehend
How she could just lie there
When I was standing here.
So I started to scream, to yell, and to shout.
I banged on the wall and slammed all the doors.
No one knew.
I raced up the stairs to where the others slept.
They stirred not an inch as I reached out to pinch
Their snoring, ignoring selves.
Heavy footsteps fell as I trod back downstairs
To the room in which she slept.
The clock now read 1:28.
How could this be?
How could she sleep?
I was right here!
But then again, I was right there too,
Dead on the couch.
I got really sick when I was 16 and this is my brief experience of dying for a short period of time.

— The End —