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Gadreel darchangel
source of truth and light
your seal shines
in the firmament
It's witnessed
every single night.

You nudged the quills
of scribes inspired....
who took your
nom de plume,
unwittingly applied it
to His word ...
had the Maker's own

Your master plan
to strike his name
and substitute your own
is working Prince....
everyone says "Gad"....
by Jove your name
has grown.
Another hymn from - Hems Heard in Heaven & Haws Heard in Hell
Francie Lynch May 2016
A poet,
One of our best,
Got far
Inside himself.
He LOL a lot,
Used emoticons
And dots,
To share
Personal thoughts;
Then he forgot
His name.

A pseudonym's
A precarious thing;
Its acronym
Might fool you.
But a nom de plume
Becomes you,
Like Twain, Orwell
Or Seuss.
So, when your writing
Takes you far,
It's important
To remember
Who you are.

— The End —