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Another setting
Blessings abound tomorrow
Hammock season soon.
Carmen Jane Apr 2019
There's a little paradise garden waiting for me,
Attached to a dream house that became reality
Now I pack our stuff, in brown little boxes
Grazing with hands unspoken responses
To questions I had perhaps millions years ago
About you, about me, if you'll follow if I go…
I'm packing pictures from a past,
Filled with smiles that didn't last
Time to donate those fancy clothes,
I never wear them, I suppose.
How about my devil red pajamas
With feet attached, queen of hot mommas?!
LOL, they have to go, I belong to  new chapters
Feet are grounded, no more fashion disasters!
I loved our home, but something was missing
Our future in it was no longer hissing
It was like a sweet note, a very short letter...
We always point it out how it could be better!

And fate made it so, to find our new home
All our roads lead us to our own Rome!
For our little girls, we found them a castle
This home could represent the end of our hustle
The boxes are filling but don't want the past
I just want to built smiles that a lifetime will last
We already started a digital collection
Happy family it's our goal to perfection!

We used to hold hands and just go to nowhere,
And now we're mature, we're going somewhere!
I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud of us
Seeing you gloat it's just another plus!
These brown boxes, we really don't need
We have each other, that's how we succeed
Attached to a dream house that became reality,
There's a little paradise garden waiting for me
With a maple tree in the middle, another plus,
Beneath I will write about smiles, about us.
I took a little break from packing to write this little poem.I wish there were more time , but there's so much to do, I miss reading poems here on HP.
Cindy Aug 2018
I met him today.
A perfect stranger named Miguel.

He looked deep into my eyes like he saw the whole universe inside of them.
He stared at me as though he saw super novas, star constellations and galaxies being born inside
my soul.
He looked at me with so much passion and intrigue as though my eyes were a portal to things unknown.
His eyes stripped off my flesh...
And through just one look I felt him travel through the wierd swirl of nebula, planets and stars that is my soul.
What shocked me is...
He seemed to like what he saw.

Just maybe... This is how love is supposed to feel like

-My Ode to Miguel.
He saw me in the realest and truest form of myself. He saw all my pain and all my potential. He saw ME!
Phila Mdleleni Apr 2015
Tomorrow when I have made it,
Tomorrow when I have reached my success destiny,
Tomorrow when my dreams and vissions come true,

I shall indeed say that I have passed and went through that phase,
For in that day it will feel like I have turned on a new page,

Tomorrow my pains and worries shall pass forever,
For in that day I shall roar louder like a Lion on a cage,

For I know that tomorrow it will feel like I'm on a new stage,
And it will truelly feel like a new age

For nostalgic sorrows will be felt no more..
I wrote this poem to motivate myself that I will overcome sorrows in my Life and live a happy life with no pain and anxiety.

— The End —