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Linger Feb 2015
It's the winter and you are
Like a snowflake falling from the sky
A beauty like no other.
Your diamond glint catches my eye
And I realize your complexities one after another.

It's the spring and you are
Like the sweet song of the birds
Your voice fills my hears with music.
As I listen to your lovely words
I feel as though I've been shot by Cupid.

It's the summer and you are
The free and happy child
With an inspiring  love of life.
Your contagious joy is absolutely wild,
And it makes me forget all of my strife.

It's the fall and you are
The stunning colors in the trees
You're nature's greatest masterpiece.
As I see leaves floating in the breeze
I wish that the time we share would never cease.

The seasons change
But my love for you is forever
And as the earth is rearranged
I thank God we are together
You're my favorite part of every season Natalie! I love you so much.
This poem was partially inspired by the song Seasons by Future Islands :D
Linger Feb 2015
This book is full of pages
Words that have lasted through the ages

Ink arranged in a way to create an image
I struggle to formulate the picture, I'm locked in a scrimmage

My mind can't focus on the story
You're more exciting than any scene no matter how gory

It's like you inspired the romantics
They wrote of your beauty through their character's antics

I need never read another tale
Your smile whispers to my soul and fill my thoughts without fail
I wrote this poem while I was sitting in English, I hope you like it my love.
Linger Feb 2015
The light that shines upon me,
Is the reflection of your beauty

That sweet sunshine
Radiates like diamonds from a deep mine

It blinds me and I can't see much else
A fire roars in my heart and I burn myself.  

A bright star against an obsidian sky,
Light as overwhelming as the sparkle in your eye

But you've illuminated my life more than any flaming orb could,
If I had to travel a lightyear to get to you I would.

Like a supernova, you ripped apart my world
And put it back together in the shape of a beautiful girl.
When I look back on it, my life before you was pretty dim. Now that I'm with you I'm happier than I ever thought I could be. :D
Linger Feb 2015
Together we were happy
We laughed and hugged
Kissed and smiled and embraced being alive
I learned what it was to love you
I felt your body's warmth and your gentle hands
My heart was telling me that you were the one, and I know that's not a lie.

No matter how hard we fought it
We had to leave the comfort of each other's arms
So I clung to you as hard as I could before I slipped away
Staring into the pavement
Thoughts of you consumed me as I drove
Down the lonely road that took me far from where I wanted to stay

I couldn't handle your absence
What was worth looking at other than your diamond eyes?
Nothing could compare to lighting bolts that struck when our souls collided
But then I realized the sensation was still there
I felt the press of your lips against mine and softness of your cheek
There was a tug on my wrist as if I was being guided

Being with you changed me
You complete the jagged jigsaw puzzle that I had made myself into
I experience you daily despite the distance and the time
Because your soul hasn't left me
Our lives are forever
I love you! I know that promising to love you as long as I live is no small commitment and that some may see it as teenage whimsy, but you are a part of me and without you I would wilt like a flower deprived of the sun.
Linger Jan 2015
When I see your face
I'll be caught in your gaze

When I feel your warm embrace
I'll be held in place by your passion

When I hear your sublime voice
I'll be immersed in your rhapsody

When I smell your fragrance on the breeze
I'll be drawn to your honeyed scent like a bear

When I taste your sweet lips
I'll be consumed by your hunger

And when I experience your love
I'll transcend this existence and reside in your heart
"You fill up my senses
Like a night in a forest
Like the mountains in springtime
Like a walk in the rain
Like a storm in the desert
Like a sleepy blue ocean
You fill up my senses
Come fill me again"
-John Denver
Inspired by a poem by the one I love
Jo Kent Oct 2014
I would sleep and eternity if that meant I could live forever with you
It burns a vast hole in my chest waking in solitude
I've choked on the words I've never said
And drowned in the thoughts I've never shared

Your name tastes sweet in my mouth
But when I am alone words taste as dust
You breathed life into my lungs and made me new
I broke my own heart when I fell for you

When I close my eyes you're all I can see
I'm knocking on your door and I'll come in if you let me
For Natalie, the first and only person I have ever been in love with.

— The End —