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In Loving Honor of Joseph Wulf
Christi Michaels  8-31-2015

Tonight my friend could not breathe
Lungs ravaged from long ago
Served our country as a young man
Shoulders, hip and leg bones
broke by the jungles below

A Harley Man through and through
JFD's became his Corps
Never wavered in his allegiance
to his country or his force

One of the smartest men
I have ever known
Could recite passages from long ago
abreast of topics from far and wide
a history buff so knowlegable

A brother to many, a father to one
Devoted to all he loved
A truer friend could not be had
So very popular he was!!

Joe was my protector
as I was a wild young thing
Was my confidant and
chaperone starting at just 17

Accompanied the first date with
my husband 30 years ago
Gave his blessings that first night~
To my children he was Uncle Joe

The older brother I never had.
Blessed to love him 40 years
My whole being trembles at the
thought of losing him
I weave Love within these tears

~Christi Michaels~April 2015~
Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

♡●♡●♡●♡    Ode to Joe   ♡●♡●♡●♡
This poem was written upon Joe entering
Hospice. His sisters provided
Constant Vigil and Loving Care.
Joe passed on 8-15-2015
This was read at Joes Military Burial
Fort Snelling National Cemetery
Fort Snelling, Minnesota

— The End —