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Elsie Greek May 16
From now on I summon
My fugitive selves,
All at once to nuance
the stitches and shells.
Should they not be complete,
I will handle it.
In the darkest of nights
There's no way to keep
Unabated light,
But to brace my mean heart,
Tape it shut but somehow
Loose it into the wild.
There it goes:
Beastly wonderful storm
Through the hurdles of challenge;
They blazon them selves — yet another refrain of acceptance.
Spoken truth is an armour of gold,
But my only concern is to hold an opinion of selves,
as they matter.
After stitches are dealt with,
Mostly painfully sheer in their glory,
After shells are assumed
to be me: I'll summon the suit.
Pardon this free interpretation of the Marvel comic.  Still, an inspiring art piece makes it worthwhile to suggest any idea or subjective take on it.
Austin Heath Apr 2014
Of all the super heroes who exist
like legends, or monuments in entertainment,
or essential cultural commodities,
my favorite is Moon Knight.
Never met a good reception.
Never had a particularly well done story.
I like Moon Knight in theory;
a superhero with mental issues,
with friends who face the moral challenge
of playing into his insanity,
versus helping him stop serious crimes.
It seemed like a social commentary to me;
why do we hate dictators, but love superheroes?
How is it we understand absolute power corrupts
yet also think having an alien demigod semi-rule the planet
is really in the best interest of our species?
The design for Moon Knight has always been immaculate
to me; directly representing the fallibility of the hero,
diving into the night with a decadent radiance,
he wears all white, and declares he enjoys it-
for his enemies to know he's coming.
Does it make sense? No.
Much like the Punisher, Moon Knight doesn't struggle with
being morally black and white, but does struggle with
keeping that identity intact. His eyes glowing,
no face shown... just darkness.
All the emotion in the world broadcast through
two glowing orbs. sometimes red, sometimes green,
often white.
A visual hint to clouded mind of Moon Knight;
Marvel's true Batman gone awry. Gone insane.
A failed son who won't die.
Here's to it.

— The End —