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Marci Ace Oct 2022
I don't want to die with a
Broken heart.
It feels I may die from a
Broken heart.
I overstand I've died with a
Broken heart!
My eyes cried with invisible tears
Everything is compacted that says "Maybe next year"
or maybe next year I'll be just
Sip some wine, and unwind.
Maybe next year I won't die with a
Broken Heart.
The stains of hopeless and shame
Have left me here to rot.
I've stirred my own emotions here
in this ***;
a little pain here,
and some hurt there.
I wish I could go back in time
When walking around the land bare
was never rare.
Now all I get is materialistic
Worldly laughs,
and blank stares.
My heart will be broken as
Soon as it's spoken.
Like a little kid at Chuck E. Cheese
Spending its last token.
I don't know when to start or how to leave.
Maybe one day I'll take this old
Heart out my chest and breathe-
but last time I checked that was considered a
Cold-hearted thief.
My old ways have died,
but left me with no relief.
Lord please don't leave me;
I don't want to die with a
Broken heart.
It feels I may die with a
Broken heart.
I've overstood that I'll die with a
Broken heart.

-Marci H.
Maybe One Day
Stephanie White Mar 2016
I'm tired of pain.
I'm tired of waking up every morning think the same thing.
     "Will I do it today?"
     "What if I did do it today?"
     "No one would notice anyway."
I'm tired of missing the pain.
      I don't want the pain of a blade anymore.
      I don't want to miss /him/ but I do. I miss the pain he gave me.

I'm tired of remembering. Remembering why /he/ hit me. Why /he/ yelled at me. Why /he/ didn't love me.

I'm tired of fighting. All my life I've been fighting for myself and I no longer have the strength. I was never meant to fight on my own.

But yet... After all this...

I won't give up. Not until this feeling of being so tired is over.
I can't just quit...
Maybe one day.... It'll all be okay.

— The End —