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Penguin Poems Oct 2018
You shake your head
as if the truth will fall right out of your ears the same way it entered
because you don't want to believe it.
You're so caught up in your own 'opinion' that you can't even open your mind up to the possibility you might be wrong.
You are given facts, statistics, news stories, yet you are unable to listen to reason.

While the straight white male ahead of me shakes his head at the possibility of being privileged,
A mother mourns over the loss of her son, a black man shot by a cop for no reason other than fear of his skin color,
another woman is silenced by her ****** through sharp threats in a dark closet,
my own mind flips back to when my aunt was disowned by most of her family for loving a woman.

Yet you, who can drive past a cop on the highway without breaking  a sweat,
can walk down the street at night alone without breaking a sweat,
can show your parents your lover without breaking a sweat,
think that you aren't any more lucky than the other people I listed prior.
Oh, if you only knew how to open your mind, just slightly, instead of shake the truth out.
Lying to yourself only makes it worse when you realize the truth.
This happened at an assembly and it made me so mad I couldn't take it. The speaker was the author of All American Boys and other novels, and talking about white/male privilege and the person in front of me wouldn't stop throwing his hands up in the air and shaking his head. Like, at least listen to what he has to say.
Scarlet McCall Apr 2017
Unendangered species,
The Entitled Male.
A fact of life (like feces),
who, when annoyed, will cry and wail.

How dare the pesky crewmembers
disturb my earned repose.
Rules are for the little people,
like women, or any of those
who have not earned my status.
I’m exalted, can’t you see;
everyone must sacrifice
to accommodate the lordly Me.
I’ll endanger lives and break the law
and yet be praised by Twitter mobs.
Because everyone today
is entitled, and wails and sobs.
A car I could have rented,
and driven to Louisville.
But I prefer to assert my privilege
and force compliance to my will.
Now I’m a celebrity,
and surely I will sue.
For I deserve renown and riches,
and I don’t care about you.
I can't believe people cheered this guy. I hate United Airlines too, so I just don't fly them. I would never get in a fight with the police on board an airline and disrupt everyone else.

— The End —