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Johnny walker Nov 2018
Helen never had malice
in anything she said
but simply would say
what saw
While In town one day
sat In her wheelchair
a policemen coming her
He was speaking Into his
radio with the ear peace In
Helen called out In very
loud voice look a pig with
a stereo
The policemen could do
nothing other than to laugh
but Helen still had Innocence
about her, she just said
what saw there no malice
to what she had
Helen was so much fun to be with
very unpredictable, but that's what
made her special, I wouldn't had her
any other way
You are
a brass framed
feather bed
in the middle of
a dilapidated forest
arms and metacarpals
screeching praise to
Father Fumigated Sky
a tie dyed atmosphere
embodying the ambiance
of some apocalyptic rose garden
bled gold, wine,
& liquid ecstasy
and leaked through chemical clouds
or the coagulated tears of

my strange,
creaky comfort.

may we

watch it all
crash down
in peace.
It came to me in a dream. For my manbeast. <3

— The End —