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Arya Night Apr 2019
To the person who said my confidence disturbed them,
**** of!
Just because I can hold my head in pride,
While your soul has faded inside.
To the person who doesn’t even know my name yet believe their opinion can rule my life.
My life is mine
If I had want hate I would’ve asked what was on you mind.
To the person who say I need to be quiet
If you don’t start living,
You’ve already started dying.
To the person who said I have no shame.
You’re  right.
I have no shame, nor pride, or fear,
Because of that I will go far.
I will live life to it fullest,
While you’re left with your hate to rust.
your  words will fall on deaf ears,
As I happily live out the rest of my years.

— The End —