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prompty Apr 2016
To see a fraction
of the world:
so many different people
and all of them
have something to tell
a poem of their own,
and sometimes you just want
to stop it all
and go to them
and grab that poem
and read it

but poetry doesn’t work that way,
and so you wait
for the poem to unfold.
DivineDao Mar 2016
Fado fado fado fado
Golden seams
Candle dreams
Rose wine in vintage glasses
Cherry wood tables and sweet
Fado fado fado queens
Kings on the strumming strings
White dry fishnets in the cosy rooms
Shells and seastars pinned ups
Decorate visitors visions
Wonderfully sang
The violin her first lover
We enjoy the gentility
Fandango Fandango
I've got a Venusian time
Planetary movement falango
Five coned angles spread
One angel drawn in a round chart
Pentagram watches over me
This star follows even
Our dreams of Lisboa
coração de um momento
Fine destined liberty
A bit of beautiful fado. Beautiful organic music
one feels deeply within. My poem speaks also about a precious yearning to visit a nostalgic and colourful city of Lisboa again. And about a natal chart of mine where one of the main geometry shapes emerges as a pentagonal star formed by all connecting aspects. I now humbly wish upon my star to take me and my darling on travels far. It ain't nothing greater then a feeling of total freedom. Travelling. Seeing beautiful countries, meeting nice people, tasting different cousine and listening to amazing ethnicity music every land has to offer ... Ahhh ... gorgeous days ! :):)

— The End —